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    kerry S

    Hi Everyone,
    hoping someone here can provide some advice guidance/recommendations. I have a 13 yr old Shiba whom we just adore, who started having major vomiting /eating grass issues last April. We had him do rounds of tests at a bad vet with no resolution. I suspected he might have food allergies and got him on a protein he had not eaten and food that was grain free. He did GREAT ont his new food majority of the covid summer (had him on Just food for dogs DIY Venison and Squash).
    He recently had a very bad episode of vomiting, loose stool and no appetite in November. We got him to the emergency vet and their team there recommended we put him on Ultamino by royal canin for IBD. He eats the kibble but itches and itches/licks his paws 45mins after feeding, and he’ll do this for quite some time (1-2hours sometimes more). I think something in the food is irritating him, but I don’t know what.
    I called the vet and she just said to try a different food. However all the Royal canin Hydrolyzed brands seem to have the same ingredients… I can try a different brand… Does any one know of any Limited ingredient Hydrolyzed protein foods? He’s allergic to grains , chicken and beef (those are the ones I know of)
    Blue Buffalo makes one (Hydrolyzed Salmon, grain fee, preservative free) , but the vet said there is no science or verified results on that brand that is proven effective for IBD and that the ingredients I think I am getting might not actually be the ingredients I am getting… I heard allergy tests are not reliable. Any advise would be much appreciated! I feel like I am running out of time to get him better since he’s a senior pup
    many thanks!

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    Stacey B

    I put my IBD dog with severe allergies on Instinct Limited ingredient turkey and peas. I do half wet down kibble and then half 95% nulo turkey. I also add a little Purina probiotic and a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar. I read yeast is why they lick their paws so apple cider vinegar kills the yeast. I also do an apple cider vinegar rinse after her medicated shampoo bath.

    Prior to that, I tried all the rx diets. She either didn’t do well or wouldn’t touch them.

    It’s been about 3 months and she seems to be doing well. I did send off for an allergy test…I figure it’s something.

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    Lisa V

    My dog has battled off and on with PLE and IBD, I’ve been feeding him boiled chicken, brown rice with frozen Kale or spinach or other veggie added for 1.5 years. I also supplement with a tablespoon of pure pumpkin puree. Because he’s on a homemade diet I give him GNC Ultra Mega Superfood Complex for dogs powered vitamins. I’ve tried some of the veterinary formulas but they don’t seem to help. Try homemade for a while and cook big batches and freeze it so you don’t have to cook all the time.

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    Hi my boy the same he does well on Royal Canine vet diets BUT if its a grain kibble he suffers with food sensitivities & gets yeasty smelly itchy skin. Hes doing well on Royal Canin- Sensitivity Control Duck & Tapioca vet diet but I dont think you get this in USA we get our R/C from France-Europe

    Look at The Royal Canin Duck & Potato or the other novel proteins R/C has in wet can /dry food .
    My boy did excellent on “Wellness Simple Turkey & Potato” kibble but we stop getting the Wellness Simple in Australia last yr.
    Potato is excellent when dogs suffer with IBD potato soothes stomach easy to digest & firms poos, potato is also a low allergen this is why Potato is used in vet diets, its worth a try.
    Wellness Simple has matching Wet can foods but they’re higher in fat then the matching kibbles, when they’ve been converted to dry matter fat% they’re over 30%+ fat it all depends on the Moisture %, under 78%-Moisture the fat will be lower min fat, over 78% Moisture the fat will be higher max fat%..
    Wet can, raw, dog rolls, air dried/freezed dried Raw etc Guaranteed Analysis hasn’t been converted to Dry Matter like kibble.

    Also BATHS are a must as you wash of allergens from dogs skin & paws, bath in a medicated shampoo relieves itchy red skin.. I also use baby wipes & wipe my boy down after going outside & get some “Sudocrem”its an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial healingcream apply just as dog is going to sleep for the night so red itchy skin paws can start to heal apply Sudocrem before going outside, the Sudocrem acts as a barrier & protects skin & paws.
    The only place you can get Sudocrem in USA is Walmart online, once you get into a routine the itchy skin/paws gets better & under control.

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    Nastya P

    My pup has also sensitive skin! For baths, I use this dog shampoo for sensitive skin https://prideandgroom.com/products/the-sensitive-one

    It has a gentle formula and suits puppies ; )

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