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    Patricia A

    Long story short my two Chihuahuas’ are not doing well on Stella n Chewy’s freeze dried toppers . I switched to this healthy topper when my picky 3 year old refused to eat Health Extension topper (supplement only one). Tia my seven year old started gaining weight no matter how many walks and how little I gave. She was always a little over weight .I only gave the chicken and vensison since that’s what advisor gave 5 stars . My picky one refused to eat it and I would hand feed to only to throw up later. I realized that it was VERY high in fat and it as written by advisor NOT FOR EVERY DOG. I do want to little by little add the Stella Chewy’s small breed baked dry kibble chicken or whitefish since that shows only 44% fat and is five star. Fromm four star Nutritionals I feed was also putting weight on Tia due to high fat . So I would like options PLEASE on five star canned toppers. My choices would be…..

    Health Extensions Grain Free Stews 65% Protein to fat
    Fromm Pate Grain Free recipes (The 5* ones) 53% Protein to fat
    Wellness Stew Protein to fat 50%
    Don’t mind the little higher fat in the Health Extensions since I want to gradually switch to the lower fat Stella Chewy’s kibble.
    My 16 year old Hannah is still on Fromm with topper of chicken supplement health ext and has done well on this so no switching for her. Thank you for any advice.

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    Patricia A

    One more questions I’m confused about please. Why does the advisor have the Health Extensions on the regular list for 5 Star canned and NOT his editors choice list for a 5 star food? Does he know something about the food that would keep it off his choice list?

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    Hi Patrica,
    Wet foods have different fat%, here’s a fat calculator save it.
    When you see say 5 % fat on raw or wet can food it has not been converted to dry matter yet this is when you use the calculator Ive posted or email the dog food company & ask for converted max fat %
    If the wet can food says 5%min fat, when you convert 5%min fat to dry matter it will be around 20%min to 26% max fat…..
    Best to look for wet foods 4% & under also if the moisture is over 78% then the fat will be higher aswell….
    Have you looked at Freeze Dried Dehydrated raw dog foods? that’s what I’m introducing to my 9yr old boy who has IBD have a look at
    “The Honest Kitchen” range
    “Ziwi Peak” Air Dried raw & wet can foods are really good for very fussy dogs & cats, my cat inhales it….

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    a c


    I believed Stella and Chewy’s freeze dried has very high fat(over 30% in dry matter) content. I was feeding my 10 years old Stella and Chewy’s and Primal freeze dried last year and she end up with pancreatitis.

    Do a search on low fat dog food on They have many 5* and 4.5* low fat kibbles and wet food that you many want to try.

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    Patricia A

    Thank you for your help Susan and AC. I’m going to use the calculator today on the three brands I’m leaning towards.

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