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    I’m a senior in university studying biology and I would like to perform an actual small study looking at correlations between dog diets and illness. I’m in the designing phase of my project and have been finding it difficult to find peer reviewed papers of other research done and because of lack of funding, time and resources my hypothesis has to be specific and my project has to be fairly small and manageable. I was wondering if you could help me with information, identifying a controlled test variable and an animal model?

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    Hi, go onto “Rodney Habib” face Book page he’s a Pet Nutrition Blogger & believes in feeding healthy fresh foods & kibble isn’t good… He’s from Planet Paws…. our dogs aren’t living as long as they once did??? Do we over vaccinate?? is it cause we feed processed kibble & no fresh foods ??
    In the 1900 to 1990’s most of us feed table scraps & what we ate to our dogs & kibble wasn’t as popular as it is now, we didn’t vaccinate as much & dogs were living longer, so what has changed???
    The oldest dog in the world just passed away she was 30yrs old “Maggie” from Australia & the 2nd oldest dog was 29 yrs old also from Australia, they both lived on cattle farms…. Maggie drank 1 fresh glass of milk straight from the cow every morning, was it the (Colostrum) in the milk????….did the milk help her live longer?? she wasn’t vaccinated & she ate a cooked diet what her pet parents ate…Maggie passed in her sleep..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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