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    New to the forums and I need some help looking for a dog food that my dog can tolerate. This doggy has been with us since April (she is about 10-12 years old).. the previous owner had been giving her cheaper dog food (alpo, kibble n bits, etc) for most of her life and complained about the dog vomiting half to most of the feed. I took her to the vet for meds to get her stomach “settled.”
    Went from bland boiled chicken and rice to Nature’s recipe: easy to digest and no more vomiting, but the stool was kind of loose (not too bad/often). But then she didn’t like the food after a few days; turns out she is very picky and goes on hunger strikes :).
    Then switched her to Canidae: chicken and rice for a better flavor and nutrition. No vomiting but still having loose/semi-formed stools 3-4/day. Sometimes the diarrhea is so bad she strains and small bright red blood is noted with the straining (but not normally in the stool). We had to use Pepto-Bismol to get it under control and back to bland chicken and rice. Other symptoms she has are: lots of paw licking, very loud tummy noises, itching a lot (but not from fleas) and some bare patches by her tail where she chewed at.
    We will be taking her to the vet soon for fecal testing, etc. We’re budget conscious so only can do so much unfortunately.

    Sorry so long! Appreciate any input!

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    Forgot to mention: have been putting probiotics in her food and she tends to only eat canned.

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    Aahh….aren’t senior dogs wonderful! I’m not an expert, of course, but it seems to me that there is some kind of intolerance going on. If she were my dog I would keep giving her probiotics/enzymes and find a food without chicken and grains. Tractor Supply has a nice grain free kibble that contains Whitefish and Potato (4Health, their private label brand) and it’s pretty much a limited diet. I don’t know how big she is or if kibble size is an issue but the kibble size of 4Health is not tiny. They also have a limited ingredient can food there (I believe Turkey & Sweet Potato) for .99 a can. There are some other hypoallergenic diets that are listed on this site that might be good options, too. Go to “best dog food” and then look for hypoallergenic. I’m sure others will post here soon. 🙂

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    Appreciate the input! Will look into it. Was going to bite the bullet and get a kibble bag of NV Instinct LID Turkey and just soak the kibbles for her.

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    I’m sorry but I’m going to be blunt. You chose to adopt this dog; you need to have money to take her to the vet, especially with an senior dog. They can end up costing more in vet bills than a younger dog.

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