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    Jordan H

    Hi everyone, i’ve been going through the list of 5 star rated dog foods (wet and dry) on this site but i had no luck finding any that were available in Australia so i decided to come here with hopes of some advice! I would really like to know what is the best type of dog food, highly rated by the standards of this site that is available in Aus.

    The thought of me feeding my pup food that truly isn’t good for him makes me very uneasy so any help and advice is really appreciated!

    In case this is of importance – i have a 4 year old maltese x shih tzu!

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    Maybe if you list the foods that are available to you, we can tell you what we feel is good and why.

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    If you haven’t been through the DFA Library yet, there are some helpful articles there about how to choose dog food, ingredients, ingredient labels, canine nutrition, etc.


    For me personally, I chose 1) a small kibble, 2) generally not less than 30% protein for kibble, 3) gluten free, 4) not less than 36% protein dry matter for wet food, 5) no by-products/sugar/food color/BHA/BHT/ethoxyquin/sodium nitrite, and I generally do not buy from the large corporations (the ones that also make candy bars and toothpaste and other household items).

    Also, I feel diet variety and rotation is important so pick various proteins and types of foods (raw, canned, frozen, dehydrated/freeze dried, kibble).

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    Jordan H

    some of the brands available to me are Purina, Iams, V.I.P Petfoods who have a range called ‘Natures Goodness’ which has some grain-free products, Pedigree, My Dog, Chum, Beneful, Optimum. Then there are the more expensive brands available at the pet stores which are probably much better but are out of my price range at the moment. These are, Wellness, Holistic Select, Eukanuba, Advance, Hill’s Ideal Balance, Nutro, Black Hawk and Applaws.

    I’d really appreciate any advice on the best ones or the ones to avoid. Many thanks in advance!

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    Zach M

    I don’t know much about the dog foods in Australia, but a general rule of thumb, stay away from iams, Purina, and beneful.

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