Has anyone tried this newer food by Only Natural Pet?

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    Hav mom

    Hello everyone: Just received information from Only Natural Pet on their new Pet food
    called Mindful Meals…very interesting. I now have only fed my dog dehydrated food from
    THK, IandYouandLove-etc. He is healthy and thrives. But, the “beard icky” every day is
    such a problem to clean.He hates getting his beard & moustache washed from the food and if left to dry and stay it is smelly and turns yellowish. disgusting. I thought this food sounds like an excellent food for dogs, but thinking I hear “kibble” ( I think that is what it is, is not good for them. It is a newer product and was wondering if anyone on the forum has tried it, know of it and has any thoughts. thanks. Just looking to try and save him from all that face washing all the time, its tramatic although he puts up with it. I tried having it cut off, oh no horrors..he is a havanese (a big boy at 20#) and looked ridiculous without his moustache and beard! Appreciate any thoughts on this newer food if you have tried it or now of someone who has and the results- thanks

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