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    I was just wondering if anyone has used a supplement called “NUVET” it was recommended on a mini schnauzer website.
    Seems like it has many ingredients I am not too sure about especially for a puppy?
    Any thoughts, comments, suggestions on this supplement or supplements in general for puppies.

    Thanks to all

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    I bought a puppy once that the level of the guarantee was based on giving it NuVet Plus, and I’ve seen a couple other breeders that were the same way. It’s been years since I looked at it, but back then, I liked it’s ingredients. It had a lot of things with good micronutrients and antioxidants. I don’t know if I would still like it with what I’ve learned since, but I’ll go look.

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    I don’t really like brewer’s yeast, don’t hate it, just don’t like it. And I really don’t like shark cartilage, not because it’s bad for the dog, but because it’s bad for the sharks, they are being overfished to a ridiculous degree. But all in all, it still looks pretty good to me.

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    thanks so so much.
    I guess the breeders must get some kind of kick-back (i don’t mean that in a bad sounding way) but this was a mini schnauzer breeder and yes her guarantee was also contingent on giving the Nuvet vitamins, she even gave a special code to get a 45% discount.
    Thanks again.
    Do you think a puppy that is fed commercial raw, orijen & legacy kibble, cooked meats, poultry & veggies and eventually THK should be on supplements ?
    My older gal is on some ,but with this gal at 6 1/2 months should I be giving them so soon?
    She grew in the 3 1/2 months that’s she’s been with me and weighs almost 15 lbs-all she wants to do is eat, I hesitate to take the 3rd meal away, but I don’t want her to gain too much weight too quickly.
    Thank you always for your input and knowledge

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    As long as the veggies you add are colorful, you should be adding the antioxidants, and it sounds like you are feeding a good variety, so no, I don’t think you need to add supplements.

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    If you wouldn’t mind I need your input.
    Millie my 6 1/2 month old is eating A.M. 1/3 c Orijen Puppy kibble (which is about to go out of the rotation) mixed w Horizon Legacy Puppy (that bag is larger so she will be on that a little longer) as a topper she is getting 1 oz lightly boiled beef.
    Noontime: 2-3 Primal Rabbit nuggents w either carrots or cooked squash & zucchini 1-2tbsps.
    Suppertime: 1/3 c kibble (same as brkfst) w 1oz boiled chicken.
    She does get cocotherapy dried fruit or veggies 2 handfuls
    A few times a week she will either a bully stick or a cow ear.
    I want to take the noontime feeding out as well as eventually giving her kibble less frequently and adding the honest kitchen in the rotation
    She picked up wt. very quickly she is close to what the breeder told me was her adult weight (15lbs).
    In your opinion am I feeding her enough? too much?
    According to the bags of kibble & that is if she were only eating kibble she should have almost 1 c per day. But since I add the meat as toppers & the raw for lunch, I hesitate to increase the kibble.
    Thanks so much

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    Let me see if I have this straight. She gets:

    2/3 cup high calorie kibble
    1oz beef
    1oz chicken
    2-3 rabbit nuggets
    1-2 tbs carrots or squash
    2 handfuls of cocotherapy

    All that sounds like a lot. For her size, I would be tempted to cut back on the carrots or squash and the cocotherapy, unless she has constipation issues. If you think she might be a little overweight, then she probably is, but if you are worrying just because she is already close to her adult weight, then quit worrying, small breeds mature much younger than larger breeds, so I would expect her to be close to her adult weight.

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    Will do. She is not fat, solid but i fear esp with schnauzer females who can put on weight quickly,that if I don’t pay very close attention she will put on the lbs. very quickly.
    When the breeder told me she will not be more than 15 lbs at her adult weight I did indeed panic,because at almost 7 months she is 15 lbs,its almost like she has stopped growing length & height wise.
    The breeder feeds only Candidae & couldn’t understand why I wasn’t going to feed that-I told the breeder i wanted her to have a more varied diet she replied well she will get fat!!
    Oh well!!!
    Millie had a little soft stool on the squash so today only rabbit. I introduced too much too soon with that a big screw-up on my part yet again!! Poor Millie 🙁
    When do you suggest that noon feeding should be taken away?? I have read so many different opinions on this, I hadn’t had a puppy since I was 13 ,so you can just imagine how long that has been, that’s why all the questions.
    And here’s another-have you ever used the ZYMOX ear cleaner?? the one with enzymes ? If so, did the wax turn a dark color? In Millie’s case all the wax (and she had a lot in my opinion for a puppy) turned a very dark color- & before I panic yet again & take her to the vet, is this normal with this product??
    Thanks BC

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    I’m sorry to hijack this thread, but I have a question about Nuvet Plus, as well. Jasper, my new Cavalier, who came to me a couple months ago at 9 months old came with a bottle of Nuvet that was in the contract of his breeder. I had read some great reviews and some not so great. I haven’t given him the Nuvet, but have started giving him the same things my older dogs are getting. They are currently getting a probiotic from Vetri Science called Probiotic BD and they also get a chew from Vet Classics that has colostrum, turmeric, quercitin and other ingredients in it called Skin and Coat chew. He seems to be doing well. He also is eating Wellness Simple kibble topped with Stella & Chewy’s freeze dried Meal Mixers. Should I use the Nuvet or just give it to someone else? Thanks for your help. 🙂

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    The more the merrier, I had booked marked this supplement a long time ago & I think, if memory serves me ,asked Shawna about it and she too wasn’t crazy about it. She prefers the STANDARD PROCESS line of supplements & pepper (my older gal ) was on the various kinds for different issues, I stopped them 2yrs ago when i almost lost my angel to aspiration pneumonia, never started them up again.

    I was looking at some website about schnauzers (guess it was a breeders site) & it was a must you had the puppies on this supplement or the health guarantee would be voided_i found that to be interesting & then BC mentioned the same thing-so I just thought MAYBE? my puppy Millie should try it??

    How do you like your probotic and do you give it every day? I was using Mercola’ s for a long time & just started the Honest Kitchen’s Perfect Form and like it (at least for now) better. I am always looking for a back up.
    i like the ingredients in the Vet Classics chew-where do you purchase that as well as your probiotic- amazon??

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    Hi! I get my probiotic from amazon or where ever has the best price. I order lots of stuff from Chewy.com. As for the Vet Classics chew, I either buy it from my vet or online. I just search for it because it’s not all that easy to find. Vet Classics is actually the same company as Natur Vet, which even Petco carries, but their chews don’t contain the colustrum….they contain everything else, though. I have a couple that have anal gland problems and these chews have kept those at bay. My holistic vet carries and prescribes Standard Process, but my crew doesn’t seem to accept them all that well. So….I do like Vetri Science products a lot. I have used their Cardio Strength, their Probiotic Mega and this Probiotic BD. The Cardio Strength are capsules, the Probiotic Mega is a capsule but the Probiotic BD is a tablet chew. I do give probiotics, no matter what kind, or brand, I’m using every day. So far, I’m happy with the Probiotic BD. Btw, I don’t think Perfect Form has probiotics in it. I haven’t given the NuVet Plus, yet, but I may in the future…..Idk.

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    You are correct about the perfect Form, I was confusing it with another product.

    Thank you for all your information, I really appreciate it, I will look into the probiotics, i like to have them on hand to give. i used to give them daily to pepper, but in her case it wasn’t a good thing to do
    Thank you again.

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    Hi Cheryl
    I cut out the noon meal at about 6 months. Just watch her waist to make sure she doesn’t get overweight. That has nothing to do with feeding variety. Doesn’t it astound you what people will come up with?! I’ve used Zymox, but my dog’s ear wax was already dark. He has ear issues with his food intolerances. I found that it “seemed” to make his ears worse for a couple days, then they got dramatically better.

    Are you giving Jasper a source of antioxidants. That’s really the only thing that NuVet Plus is adding to kibble fed dogs that your dogs aren’t getting, unless, of course, they are. I really think it was designed to improve a kibble diet, but I don’t think it improves an already improved diet.

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