Has anyone had a bad reaction to oral flea medications?

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    Anthony P

    my mom had givin our 6 year old pit bull nexgaurd, an oral flea medication. a day or two later i was taking her to the vet for a rash that we were taking care of. in the car on the way there she was sitting in the front seat of my car but she was falling over. she was very unstable. then as we sat in the lobby of the vet i had flagged the lady at the desk to look at my dog. her back legs were giving out. she was tottally unstable. like her equilibrium was off. as soon as we told the vet what we had givin her…(nexgaurd) her eyes lit up in a bad way. then to find out from nexgaurd themselves, there medication has been causing seizures

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    Hi Anthony,

    Gee I hope & pray she is OK but cause these flea chews/tablets stay in the body for 1-9 months it’s just a waiting game, my Staffy has IBD & my vet said NO to all the oral flea/tick chews tablets, she said the only flea/tick product that doesn’t go into the dogs system blood stomach & only penitrates 2 layers of their skin is “Frontline Plus” Spot On & the Frontline Spray, she said, only use Frontline “IF YOU HAVE TOO” Fleas dont seem to bother my dog or I just dont have any fleas?? vacuum daily that gets ride of fleas in house…Look up “Natural ways to get rid of fleas” I live Australia & most of all our dog foods have Garlic in them…

    Don’t give her anymore oral flea/tick meds, they’re poison, your putting poison into your dogs system to kill fleas & ticks…Very Toxic..

    Make sure your mum report the to FDA here’ link..Maybe when they see enough deaths & sickness these flea chews will get pull off shelves or formula changed….

    Here’s a facebook page called “Does Bravecto Kill Dogs” https://www.facebook.com/groups/411371212394679/
    You’ll get some support & read what other people are doing for their poor sick dogs……

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    kristin n

    Yes, my dog Rowan died 3-months after her first and only Nexgard was taken. Please watch the video I made showing how this effected her.

    Rowan’s Nexgard Story

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    Hi Kristin,
    Rowans video made me cry, it was so sad, I’ve posted the video on my f/b page warning my friends do not use ANY flea chews, it’s Spring in Australia at the moment, all I keep seeing on TV are Bavecto & Nexgard ads, I just seen a popular Australian vet advertise Nexgard Spectra chews…It’s awful..

    Did you try & sue Nexgard, did Nexgard pay any vet bills, how did Nexgard react….
    You keep posting Rowans story, show people your video, we get so busy & look for quick & easy fixes, so giving your dog a treat chew that kills fleas seems so harmless, we have just gotten Bavecto chews for cats in Australia 🙁

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    kristin n

    Hi Susan,
    I filed a claim with Nexgard. After Rowan died, I followed up with them and provided all of her medical records. They offered a settlement, to which I declined. I was not interested in suing, only having the freedom to share my story and heartbreak of losing her as a result of it. My hope has always been to provide facts and help save other pets. I hope this helps save other dogs.

    Thank you for your message and for sharing my post. I sincerely appreciate it.

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    El M

    Omg try his Friday I got Bella her shots and the oral flea treatment she became very lethargic and she’s acting like she can’t walk and there’s no beds in my small town open until Monday and I’m just praying that nothing happens to her because she’s a guard dog that protects me I’m so terribly upset over this I did this to my own dog

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    Hi El M,
    I’m sorry this is happening to your poor dog.. after contacting vet on Monday make sure you also contact the flea company to complain they will pay vet bills if its related to their flea product & contact FDA too complain, here’s the link https://www.fda.gov/AnimalVeterinary/SafetyHealth/ReportaProblem/ucm1824

    Go on facebook “Dr John Robb – Protect the Pets” page
    send him a msg ASAP, see what he says to do? also post a post on his page, asking what can you do??

    I do NOT know WHY some vets do 2-4 procedures all at once, give worming tablets, vaccinations, flea/tick meds, injections?? especially when the dog is a senior the vet doesnt know if the dog has any under lying health problems??..
    I’ve talked too 2 people at the dog park, who have lost their dogs after being vaccinated then given a steriod injection for itchy skin & then given Bravecto chew…
    I’d say it was the Bravecto that killed them…
    Im always warning people to 1/2 the flea chew & give with food/breakfast meal, then if dog seems OK thru the day then give the other 1/2 chew or 1/2 the Comfortis tablet given with a meal breakfast then dinner..

    In rescue these poor stressed out rescue cats & dogs are desexed, vaccinated, wormed & flea all at once, these vets know what can happen & know some dogs react….

    Only do 1 thing at 1 time, then wait 2 weeks then do the next thing…
    I hope its all OK..

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    My 50lb pit mix had allergic reactions to both Nexgard and Advantix K9 III. Both same reaction, swollen eyes and snout with hives all over body. Was given benedryl and steroids over the course of weeks, both times. Vet wants to recommend another tick med, but I am refusing. Don’t want to do a trial and error on the dog. Anyone else have a dog that simply cannot tolerate any traditional tick/flea meds?

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    Patricia A

    Just saw this last night on News 11 NYC. Horrible to watch. Her vet said nothing to her about possible side effects of these meds. I always wondered why people wold not even think twice about giving their pet these oral pesticides.

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    kristin n

    Yes! My dog, Rowan, died 3 months after taking 1 dose of Nexgard Oral. She had just turned 5 years old.
    Please google #RowansNexgardStory for a video that I made to inform others of the dangers of oral flea and tick medicine.

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    Christine P

    YES! after 2nd dose of nexgard my French bulldog went into seizures and died. Only reason I changed from K9 Advantix to nexgard was cause he needed weekly bath’s due to skin condition. Vet recommended nexgard temporarily until skin cleared up then back to topical. Heartbreaking.

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    Took Able my 14 year old Rat Terrier to the Vet to blood work to see if he could have his teeth cleaned. His Liver functions were a little high, but his kidneys functions were normal. So we decided to put him on Milk thistle for his liver, which work in the beginning . We decided to give Credelio thirty day pill. Gave him the pill on July 30th. He was find at first, but by Aug. 8th he went down hill. Got him to the vet. Blood work results said his liver functions had gone down but kidney functions had shot way up. Got those down, and he was eating. The evening Aug 31th he started going down hill very quickly, got him to the Vet on Spet. 3rd because of the holiday rapid kidney failure and nothing could be done. The best thing was to put him to sleep to stop his suffering…Able was my best friend. I can not say it was the pill…but guess it was.

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    a c

    I am so sorry to hear all your losses. I have two 12 years old miniature schnauzers are due for their annual checkups. I wish all the vet will do the blood work to determine whether the rabies shot is necessary every year. I understand it’s business. However, it may also be conflict of interest to pushing for all the vaccinations and meds.

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    Patricia A

    AC my vet says every three years for rabies vaccination. After many bad bad side effects from the annual vaccinations I forgo ALL vaccinations besides the three year rabies shot, for my dogs. They had all their puppy shots and boosters at a year. After that titers shows immunity. My Doxie lived to over 17 as well as my Hannah.


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    Yes, rabies vaccine every 3 years after initial rabies shot plus booster and puppy shots till the dog is about 1 year old, that’s what many of us do..

    Here is the problem, pet owners that use the services of a dog kennel, groomer, dog sitter, travel by plane, train, go to dog parks, doggy daycare are required to show proof of multiple vaccinations being up to date including kennel cough.

    Many apartment complexes and low income housing allow a pet or two, but they must show proof of not just the rabies vaccine but many of the other vaccines.

    Titers are usually not accepted. You may be able to get a medical waiver regarding your pet not getting the rabies vaccine but these are very hard to obtain, often the pet has to be terminally ill, geriatric or have a medical condition such as seizures/neurological.
    I finally obtained a rabies vaccine waiver for my dog with atopic dermatitis after almost a decade of asking.
    So it is worth a discussion with your vet if you have concerns.
    However, all of the above businesses/housing have the right not to accept the waiver or titers in lieu of vaccinations.

    PS: Mercola is a homeopathic practitioner. /forums/topic/kibble-way-down-on-list-of-appropriate-diet/#post-143727

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