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    Amy K

    Hello all,

    I have a sweet 9 year old miniature american eskimo dog that I adopted last year.

    As I said in the title, I am happy with her dry food (Nature’s Select Cold Water Recipe), as it has helped to clear up problems with her nose (pemphigus or discoid lupus). That said, I am still open to suggestions.

    As for her wet food, I started buying Beneful in the 3oz can – 3 packs when my refrigerator was broken. She really likes them, but I would like to switch her to something better for her, especially since she had cancer last year.

    She eats a mixture of wet and dry food, and though I wish I could switch her to all dry, she only has 10 teeth left.

    Does anyone have suggestions for a good wet food (or good wet and dry food) that they would recommend?

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    Orijen and Nutrisca for dry food are my favorites, check Chewy.com. For a reasonably priced wet food/topper, check out Newman Organics.
    Your dog is a senior and therefore prone to developing bladder stones (breed) so I would soak her kibble in water prior to serving and maybe add a splash of water especially if she is not a water drinker. Make sure she gets out for frequent bathroom breaks/opportunities to urinate.
    Also, check her teeth and get a cleaning and extractions if needed. Brush her teeth daily (see YouTube for how to videos)

    PS: I just reread your post, if you want to feed only dry, presoak the kibble in water overnight, it will be soft, easy to chew and digest. If the food you are using agrees with her, then stick with it. You can always add a bit of scrambled egg or cooked chopped up lean meat/chicken (no bones)
    Has she had a senior workup? Ask the vet that examines her what he recommends.

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    Bobby dog

    Hi Amy K:
    If you are happy with your dry food I would continue to feed it. I would only suggest trying out a few brands to find other choices she does well on in case of a recall, formula changes, or distribution issues; you never know when you may need a back-up. I would also stick with similar protein, fat, and fiber percentages when trying a new kibble.

    I feed a variety of canned foods in various price ranges. My budget friendly choices are Pure Balance stews or gravy tubs (Wal-Mart), Variety stews, Beyond grain free stews, Pro Plan Naturals, Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul, Triumph turkey or puppy recipes, BJ’s price club brand, and Tractor Supply stews or Sr. pate’. Costco also has a budget friendly canned, Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain. You have to buy a case which is under $20. If you don’t have a Costco membership Jet.com sells it for a little more, but still a great deal.

    Other brands my dog does well on are Wellness Core, Red Barn Stews, Tiki Dog, Weruva, Eagle Pack, Fromm shredded recipes, Halo, Life’s Abundance, Holistic Select, Nature’s Recipe, Nutrisource, and Precise. I order Life’s Abundance directly from their website.

    Good luck finding a new food!

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