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    Paul W

    I have fed my dogs with raw food for more than fifty years: 7 golden, 2 german shepherds, 3 American mutts, and 1 Belgian “Malinois”.
    They all lived longer than what their breed expectancy suggested. All my Goldens lived over 16 years, my beautiful shepherds lived to 17, my smart mutt died at 18 1/2 and my Malininois died when he was over 16 year old.

    My Vet and I attribute their longevity to their nutrition:
    All of them have been fed the following way:
    1 lb of raw meat ( 90% beef shoulder and 10% beef heart) . Less for the mutt.
    2 ounces of each raw: sweet potato, spinach, apple, turnip, apple and plain yogurt.
    1 ounce of blueberries.
    From time to time they received a raw beef bone or turkey neck.
    They never had their teeth cleaned: the vet was amazed by their beautiful teeth, even when when they were over 14.
    Now I am 80 years old and I have 2 dogs: a seven year old field golden and a 2 year mutt.
    I feed them the same way as I have always have done it.

    My only worry: they will outlive me. I hope that my children will take care of them the same way as I always loved my dogs.

    Thank you


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    Chris W

    That’s amazing! Do they get any (other) non-meal treats?

    I feed our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels a raw diet. They’re doing well but keeping their teeth clean is a challenge.

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    Paul W

    Hello Chris,

    King Charles Cavalier are wonderful small dogs.
    Try to give him larger bites of apple and turnip.
    Dogs will chew longer and this will help him clean his teeth.

    Good luck

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    Chris W

    Thanks! Will try that while they wear snoods. Food and spaniel ears don’t mix! 🙂

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    Paul W

    I know spaniels tend to eat with their ears in the food…what a mess.
    .Try a smaller ball and 1 portion at tome.
    This may help.
    My golden use to eat like a vacuum cleaner, so what I did, I put clean rocks in his bowl and separate his food around the rocks: it works.

    PS: Both dogs received raw turkey necks for Thanksgiving, they love them

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    Paul W

    Sorry for the typos: Bowl and not ball….at time and not tome.


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