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    Nona M S

    I am Halle’s mom. Halle is a greyhound, a breed that’s known for touchy gastric tracts. I got Halle from Greyhound Pets Northwest. When I got her from her foster mom, she was 5.5 years old, and didn’t have particularly firm stool. Things went from bad too worse, there was almost constant diarrhea. We finally ended up with TD Science Diet, which is intended for dogs with bad teeth. I have to get it from my Vet and it’s pretty spendy. It’s also so dry that it practically bounces when it hits the ground. Halley has lost several pounds over the last couple of years. Both my Vet and I wonder it its time to switch food. Last bit of info: She is 11 years old and doesn’t show much sign of aging. Any help with this problem will be most gratefully accepted.

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    Hi Nona – fellow Greyhound owner here, so sorry to hear about Halle’s issues. Hopefully some of the wonderful knowledgable people on this forum will offer some suggestions as I’m still learning the food ropes myself.

    Harry has suffered from “milkshake poo” since I got him 2yrs ago. I think I tried everything that was suggested on the Greytalk Forum (Iams Green Bag, beet pulp etc) & endless bags of failed food. One allergy test & finding out about multiple food intolerances helped a lot. Probiotics / Digestive Enzymes have helped also. Things aren’t perfect 100% of the time but I can pick it up which is a major improvement. Harry also gets raw in his diet now and things are going well.

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    Have you try Vet prescription ‘Eukanuba Intestinal’, My boy was put on this last yr August when he was real sick with gastro problems its the only kibble that helped him its a low residue kibble & breaks up easy so its gentle on their tummy & intestine, Eukanuba Guarentee if ur dogs stools dont firm up within 3 days they’ll refund ur money.. there’s ‘Intestinal’ & ‘Intestinal Plus’ the Intestinal is only 1.75% crude fiber where the Intestinal Plus has 4% crude Fiber, the Intestinal plus didnt help my boy as soon as I put Patch on the Intestinal his poo firmed up.. My boy is still on the Eukanuba & Ive tried other kibbles but we always end up back on the Eukanuba Intestianal…Good-Luck try the lower fiber one first, Intestinal.

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    Oh, Im in Australia, I think in America its Called Iams Vet formula Intestinal.. I just looked up Iams Vet formula & the ingredients are different to the Eukanuba Intestinal that I buy… The Iams vet diet has chicken By-Product meal & they only sell the Intestinal plus 4% fiber, Maybe you could get the ‘Eukanuba Intestinal’ online instead you still would get a refund if it doesnt work as u have to ring for refund & they send out a check.. what ashame as I swear by the Eukanuba Intestinal my boy gained weight & does 2 perfect poos daily I know longer have to worry he’ll have the runs or he has his poo pain..

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