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    Kush K

    Hi, I have a Great Dane puppy & since Farmina’s Natural & Delicious was a 5 star brand on this website when I checked in Jan, I started him on their Chicken & Pomegranate Puppy Maxi which he loves. After reading a bit more around the internet I have come to think that this food might not be the perfect food for my pup. It has a protein percentage of 35% (apparently I should be looking at a protein % of less than 27?) and fat percentage at 20%. Calcium :1.30% & Phosphoros : 0.9% with 3923 kCal/kg. The ingredients are all natural and no by products. This is probably the best food available in my country. The local vet had recommended any food with the highest protein content which also prompted me to get this food. I have gone through the list of Editor’s Choice puppy foods but unfortunately none of them are available here in India. The brands available are: Farmina N&D or Team Breeder, Hill’s, Earthborn, Genesis, Taste of the Wild, Eukanoba & of course the usual Royal Canin, Pedigree which I stay away from. I became a member here to find the best food for my puppy but was unfortunate to not have any of them available in my country & would request someone to help me choose the better food for my growing Dane puppy so I can give him the best possible nutrition.

    P.S: I add 10ml of Salmon Oil to his food, it that all right?

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    Did you look at the “Diet & Health” forum here? On top, highlighted in yellow, is a stickie for large breed puppy foods. It’s a very long thread but since you have a very large breed puppy, its important to read, there is a list of appropriate foods to feed. Someone here can chime in on what page to find the most current list.

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    I agree with Marie. It’s a very long thread, but there are lots of great articles in the first few pages. Definitely take a look; here’s a link: /forums/topic/large-and-giant-breed-puppy-nutrition/

    Here’s a list of appropriate foods (from page 36 of the thread) for your giant breed pup: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BwApI_dhlbnFTXhUdi1KazFzSUk/edit

    It’s Calcium you need to be concerned about that contributes to skeletal disorders, not protein.

    A couple of my friends (I’m in the U.S.) chose Zignature and Earthborn Holistics for their giant breed pups because it has appropriate Calcium and they’re two of the more affordable foods. Any chance you’re able to buy those where you are?

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