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    Lance & Nikki

    Hi, hopefully someone here can offer some advice. We have 2 dogs, a 19 month old Great Dane and a 10 month old St Bernard. Both of them seem to have sensative stomachs and go thru bouts with diarrhea off and on. It seems like they will be fine for a few days, then it gets bad for a few days and then it clears up again and it just keeps repeating. At first we were feeding them Merrick dog food, grain free for the Dane and regular puppy formula for the Saint and then we switched Thor the Saint over to the grain free puppy food from Merrick when that came out. They both loved the food but to try and eliminate the possibility of the food being the issue, we have recently switch to the Taste of the Wild grain free food. It seems to have helped with the diarrhea issue, but now both of the dogs have become extremely gassy which as I am sure you all know, can drive you from the room in a hurry!

    Not sure what to do next except possibly switching foods again, but I don’t wan tot be playing the trial and error game for ever. I looked at switching over to Orijen, but when I saw the price there is no way I can afford to feed two dogs of their size food that expensive, no matter how good it’s supposed to be. Does anyone have a food recommendation, or am I doomed to just playing the ‘try it and see game’ with them? Ideally we would like to find one brand of food that both dogs will like and won’t cause them any issues with their tummies. And just as an FYI, I was looking at possibly switching to Fromm or Canidae next if the gassy issues with TotW continues.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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    Hi, try an limited ingredient kibble that has a low fat% there must be an ingredient in the Taste of Wild thats is giving them the gas, I found I couldnt have Patch on a high protein or high fat% kibbles, would give diarrhea, also see what ingredients are in the TOW & try another kibble with different ingredients & a different protein to the TOW..
    I know you have to watch Great Danes as they are prone to Bloat, I’d be trying a lower fat% kibble with limited ingredients & see if things get better….
    Wellness has Complete health Large breed Puppy fat%-12 Protein%-26% or the Wellness Core grainfree Large breed Fat-12% & Protein-34%
    here’s a link to have a little look at ingredients & Guaranteed Analysis

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    Does the TOTW food that you’re currently feeding contain chickpeas or lentils? Those often cause GI distress.

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