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    My dog gets about a heaping spoonful, give or take, of wet food during his dinner meal. This is because it helps him pass his stool better than with the chopped wet foods or none at all. However, it’s hard to figure out which wet foods are gravy and which are not since not all specify. I am looking for recommendations from you guys. What gravy foods have you used and liked?

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    I have mostly “stews” but I’ve noticed that Merrick’s Thanksgiving Day Dinner does not have large chunks and mixes well with kibble. Do you like pate canned food? I use Merrick’s 96% canned foods and they are soft pate, easy to mix. Also Weruva Human Style has chicken canned foods that are pretty soupy with no chunks of meat but has shredded meat. Weruva has photos of their foods on their website.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    You can generally tell if a food is a “stew style” or “loaf style” by looking at the % moisture. Stew type foods (with gravy) will have a higher moisture level than loaf style foods. The general rule of thumb is that if % moisture is over 80% it’s probably a stew type food and if the % moisture is less than 80% it’s probably a loaf style food.

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    I use the Kirkland Cuts in Gravy canned food. It is very easy to mix, but it still has pretty big chunks of meat and vegetables in it. It is rated a 5 star food on this website. Best of all it comes out to be only about 80 cents a can. The only thing is you can only buy it at Costco and you have to buy it by the case (24 cans). Canned food is so expensive. I don’t like to buy it too soupy. It makes me feel like I am paying a lot for broth. I figure I could always add a little water to make it easier to mix.

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