Grainfree and Dilated Cardiomyopathy Increase

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    I just want to put this out there, this is a finding occurring with Golden retrievers
    and has not been verified yet in case someone wants to check this out.
    This dog was at evaluated at (UPenn) Ryan Veterinary Hospital on Monday. His cardiologist, Dr. Anna Gelzer and UPenn is seeing more cases of this.
    They suspect most grain free formulas and/or legume-based diets (peas, beans, lentils, chickpeas, alfalfa) may be causing this problem because they either lack an adequate amount of Taurine in their formula, or the legume-based diet interferes with the dog’s ability to absorb the Taurine in the food. They suspect MANY different brands to be problematic, one brand that has shown up several times is Zignature Grain-Free
    I try to stay away myself from overload on the beans, lentils and definitely no alfalfa as I feel there is def no need for alfalfa in any food but it is getting harder and harder as more and more companies seem to be adding much more of the above ingredients.
    I am currently am feeding Wellness core original with none of the above and added Taurine but am rotating in Natures variety which I have not used in a while due to the did add alfalfa in their food but it appears now it is gone but the formula has changed
    NEW FOOD look at new 1st ingredients Chicken, Turkey Meal, Chicken Meal, Peas, Chickpeas
    Peas and Chickpeas have moved up to 4th and 5th from 5th and 6th position.
    No added Taurine
    my dogs have done great on this food and it’s old formula so I will give this food a try.
    Here is the story going around:

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    I have seen some of those studies and reports and find it very concerning as well. My dogs are labs mixed with a quarter of golden retriever.

    I wonder if there are taurine supplements one could add to their dogs’ meals? With the supervision of a vet, of course!!

    It’s rough because so many foods contain those ingredients. I’m feeding Fromm Gold Weight Management right now. It uses barley, oatmeal, rice and millet for its carb. So far, so good!

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    If those particular fillers prevent taurine absorption which then leads to heart disease, this may or may not affect healthy pets over time (since adding it would do nothing).

    My pit bulls successfully rotated thru half of the 4 and 5 Star foods until suddenly at age 1 1/2, became severely allergic to chicken, grains and a lot of other ingredients. I did a full panel testing for both. Zignature saved their lives, as their topical and ingested medications didn’t help. They were so tortured.

    I’ll definitely monitor their heart health much closer as I cannot take them off of Zignature (I’ve tried, bad results immediately in their fecal matter). I have recommended this brand to other members in dire straits. Thank you for this new information!

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    Lynn J

    A couple of questions:
    What do you use to add taurine?
    Wellness Core Original (which I use) does have peas, does that concern you?

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    There isn’t a lot known about this issue yet. Just that there is an increase in heart issues with golden retrievers and it may be related to diet. I wouldn’t panic. But, If you have concerns, I would consult a vet with your questions.

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    One dog food company has even pulled their food and reformulating it to eliminate all those ingredients.
    I am very concerned.
    Adding taurine while eating any of these items which prohibits absorption will not do any good..
    I never went the total legume route cause I figured my dogs would probably be in pain from gas….. but peas I thought were safe and well chickpeas only because all dog food seems to have it..
    My sister and I are finding more and more articles and studies that seem to show this
    Grain free is a really a new market out there and some are saying go with plant based and add your protein
    Sport Dog Elite Series dog food is one company that has pulled its food to reformulate

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    I feed Wellness along with other foods and at the time I didn’t know but I was informed that green peas are falling into the same catagory as the beans,lentils, chickpeas etc.
    I feed Natures Variety …when I orginally fed it 5 years ago (Stopped for reason listed above) I could have sworn was made with Tapioca vs, beans, potatoes or chickpeas as it’s binder and will have to find an orginal bag with the ingrediants list.
    I am now rotating in Earthborn Holistic Venture line Alaska Pollock meal and sweet potatoes.. this is the only food in their line that has no peas, beans lentils etc
    The kibble is not tiny but is not huge( same shape as NVI but larger)
    Fromm also has some foods lines with none
    Wysong also has some food lines with none
    Now there are issues with tapioca and some dogs with diabetes… They are also stating (Wysong ) that it is a toxic ingediant as well

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    I have to find the further articles she has found from other sources
    This is not just applying to Goldens it is involving other large breeds as

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