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    Candance B

    I have two Labs, 5 and 7 yrs. old. One is on Hills Science diet for sensitive stomachs and the other is on Purina Pro Natural duck and rice. Both are doing well on these foods. I would like to give them a better quality food from the Editors choice’s but for sensitive stomachs. Do I lean towards grain free or not, and I would like to feed dry food.

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    Re: grain free: not all grainfree’s are equal & same goes for grain inclusives.
    I have heard from people that NutriSource is very good for dogs with sensitive tummies. If you can’t find it locally, order from Chewy.com. They are great with a great return policy.
    I suggest you transition very slowly and possibl add a digestive enzyme or probiotic while you transition.

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    Bernadette S

    My daughter uses Nutrisource Grain Free for her St. Bernard, who has skin allergies. It seems to work well.

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