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    Here is my situation

    One large breed dog and one small breed dog. They are both around 7/8 years old and over weight. Recently we changed the older dogs food from Nutro to TOTW due to the interest in the grain free aspect and better quality food as well. We have restricted both food intake and started exercising them. With the food change Emma has stopped rubbing herself all over the house (shes always been itchy but checked out okay per the docs) and her ears are no longer red (they were red but had no infection per the docs). Since reading about all the Diamond food recalls I was hesitant about trying TOTW and still alittle leery about it.

    While at the doc we brought up to that Emma, was drinking alot of water. Turns out she had a UTI. He mentioned she might have Cushings due to the protein in her urine and said we need to have her tested for that eventually. After doing some of my own research and reading articles on this site (theres a post about cushings) I am convinced I really need to cut her fat intake back and increase her protein as that is said to help with aspects of Cushings. While she hasn’t been diagnosed she really shows some key signs of it. We are hoping to test her in the next couple months. For any interest she is constantly drinking ALOT of water, constantly hungry (eats poop if we miss a clean up, as well as will tear into anything she can find), easily stressed or aggravated most the time, has a hard time getting up/down the stairs and doesn’t get on the couch as much, pants when the other dogs aren’t panting and the AC doesn’t go higher then 76, her extra weight seems to only be in her chest/abdomen and she has developed a heart murmur that is very LOUD.

    I have looked on the suggested low fat list but most the listed dry kibble is NOT grain free, if they were they weren’t in my budget by any means. I couldn’t find anything that was below 13% Fat in a grain free formula on my own that was in my budget. After seeing such an improvement over the grain free I am having a hard time switching her to any of the “low fat list” foods that include grains. So I am looking to other people for their opinions and maybe experience with this. I just feel like I’m at a loss and I’ve spent days in front of the computer trying to figure this out.

    Current Food
    TOTW Pacific Stream dry dog food 15% Fat 25% Protein

    Here is what I found that I can afford FROM the list – Not grain free:
    AvoDerm Large Breed Chicken and Rice 11% Fat 29% Protein
    Fromm Gold Reduced Activity Senior Dry Dog Food 12% Fat 26% Protein
    Wellness Super5 Mix Large Breed Adult 12% Fat 28% Protein

    Here is what I found on my own that IS grain free – NOT on the list

    GO! Senior 14% Fat 32% Protein
    Merrick G/F Texas Beef 15% Fat 38% Protein
    Holistic Select 13% Fat 28% Protein

    Thank you for any input!

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    What about Wellness Core reduced fat? I had great success with an obese dog we adopted.

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    Its out of my price range. I have priced everything on the suggested list and what I have listed above is what I can afford.

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    Your dogs’ issues sound like what I’ve got with my dog. So, I’d recommend these two foods because it sounds like your dogs do well on fish based kibble:

    *Wellness Super5Mix Complete Health Limited Ingredients Whitefish & Sweet Potato dry dog food(not grain free but still this formula is great for dogs with allergies, etc). Protein 22, Fat 12, kcal/cup 400.

    *Simply Nourish Limited Ingredient Sweet Potato and Salmon dry dog food (grain free, only available at PetSmart, very reasonably priced). Protein 24, Fat 12, not sure of the kcal/cup but it’s less than the Wellness mentioned above.

    I really hope that helps you and your dogs.

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    I have been feeding Holistic Select Duck and they seem to be doing well on it. But I am thinking of trying them on Merrick due to it having more protein. I have no problem recommending Holistic Select, it is a pretty decent kibble. I have 7 dogs ages 10yrs down to 5 months and they all eat it and like it. Poo is more consistent then what I was feeding before, no gas, no vomiting (which I had issues with when feeding Precise brand sensicare lamb & rice formula). I have 3 cockers that are sensitive to something I haven’t figured out yet. They did eat to much with the precise and prior brand I used, with Holistic Select they are not over eating. We are on our 4th bag of it now. ~Karla

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