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    Jane E

    I am looking for a grain free dry food without lentils/peas or alfalfa. I have senior Boxers with a history of IBS/colitis and one with some reoccurring yeasty skin issues. I would like to have a food that I could feed all 3 if possible (to date I have not accomplished that). I currently raw feed one,another is on Honest Kitchen Zeal with occasional Thrive or Force and the other is on Orijen Senior (and I think that may just be too much of a good thing for her now) her stools are soft. She’s been on this for about a year and is in beautiful condition otherwise.
    So I am interested in anyones input. It’ll be greatly appreciated

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    Jane E

    My breed is Boxers

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    Hi Jane E-
    I feed my pups Victor Grain Free Joint formula to my dogs that also have some type of colitis due to previous bouts of internal parasites. There are peas in the ingredients after the meat and sweet potatoes. I’m not sure if your dogs would be able to tolerate that or not. The kibble, however, contains montmorillonite clay which claims to help with dogs with colitis. My dogs do better with this kibble than any other that I’ve fed. Check out their site: I’ve also heard that others with this issue use Canine Caviar and Wellness Simple. Good luck!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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