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    we have a 3 month old yorkie that weighs 4.5lbs.. the vet has determined he has an allergy to his current dry food and suggested we get a grain free food…I have been looking online and none of the ones I have seen are specifically for a puppy.. Help! I know he is not considered a puppy until 6 months.. any and all suggestions are appreciated..

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    Have you checked out the 4 and 5 star puppy foods on the review side of this site? Any food that is labeled puppy or all life stages is ok to feed a puppy. It’s hard to know what to recommend when there is no mention what he is allergic to.

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    You don’t need puppy food. As long as it’s an all life stages food, it’s fine. What is your pup allergic to and how did the vet determine that?

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    I have just in the few day last began to read raw food for dogs on facebook on forums and books, I have a male dog that has severe allergies….. I am attempting to get all if not most of his processed foods buying his food from a butcher… my vitamix has actually ground chicken and bone up… but he did eat a raw chicken leg and the ground up chicken no problem… today was the first day of this but I am hoping he will never eat processed dog food again

    Good Luck

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    Please disregard wheat samaroberoi4474 said.

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    Those are terrible recommendations, loads of grains, food dyes, and other noxious ingredients.

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    I have a yorkie and I would never feed him those foods. Since yorkies are small and don’t eat much why not transition him to canned food or dehydrated food.

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    Catherine T

    I would recommend earthborn dry which is a holistic and comes in a puppy formuloa…it is grain free and she has done very well on it

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    Errrrr….. Was that supposed to be a joke, samaroberoi, or are you seriously that uneducated? Or possibly do you work for one of those companies?… o__o

    I will agree – you don’t /need/ a food that says “puppy” on it. If it’s a balanced all life-stage formula, your guy should do fine. I trust most of the 4-5 star foods on here. I personally love NutriSource GF. I know two seniors who are on it right now, and they are FANTASTIC. The 13y.o. deaf girl acts not a day older than about 7!

    Going grain free can be tough sometimes. All GF foods will seem quite tempting, but in reality, there are a lot of brands just trying to get on the GF bandwagon, so be sure to thoroughly inspect the ingredient list.

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    My dog has been thriving on Orijen Puppy. We did try a couple before Orijen, and she has been doing better on it.

    It’s a bit pricey for some but because its rich, Susie doesn’t eat much. She’s a 20 lb. 9 m.o. chimix and eats aprox 1.5 cups a day. Sometimes not even that. She is in excellent shape and is very athletic.

    Hope this helps. I printed a list of 5-star foods from this website and started researching it one by one. I settled for Orijen and Acana (I’ve heard it is good to rotate foods so dogs take advantages or the benefits and aren’t as prone to develop allergies to certain ingredients).

    I hope this helps.

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    with a dog that size, you can easily feed raw like primal nuggets at low cost. Yorkies are notorious for having bad teeth, and raw is the best way to prevent this.
    As others said, puppy food isn’t necessary, a lot of it is just marketing gimmick. Puppy food has little more protein and calories, but not by much, usually just 1-2%.

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    Puppy food has more regulated mineral content and I would definitely feed a puppy food that is labeled Growth or All Life Stages.

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