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    Sherri C

    I had 3 dogs. One was a 13 year healthy Chihuahua. Another one was a healthy 10 year MinPin Chihuahua. And my healthy 10 year old Boxer mix. I had always bought them Pedigree dog food. I started to do research on healthier dog food and the grain free got good reviews so back in 2016 I changed to grain free. All my dogs were very healthy at the time. After changing to grain free dog food I now have 2 dogs that have passed and my Boxer is now sick. All within 2 years of feeding them grain free dog food. They have all gotten congestive heart failure. I thought I was doing something wrong for all my dogs to be passing from this disease. After talking to my vet and doing the math. I realized that it was the grain free dog food killing my animals. My MinPin started to have allergies. It started with ear problems. I was slow to figure out what was going on and I so I lost my MinPin the day after Christmas. Grain free is killing our fur babies and so is the toxic flea medication. Its pure pesticide that you put on your animal. If you love your fur babies, don’t feed them grain free dog or the toxic flea medication.

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    Sorry for your loss,

    If you were using flea products this could have contributed to health problems causing death… epecially the newer flea chews Bravecto®, Nexgard®, Simparica®, and Credelio®. this could have contributed to health problems & death..

    The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning on September 20, 2018 about the isoxazoline flea and tick products fluralaner for dogs and cats (Bravecto®), afoxalaner for dogs (Nexgard®), and saroloner for dogs (Simparica®).
    The recently introduced isoxazoline, lotilaner (Credelio®) for dogs falls into this same class.
    Very Poison & people are giving these chews to their poor pets..


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    Kristen W

    Hi! I am so sorry for your loss. My vet gave me multiple articles about grain-free food being deadly… 🙁

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    Vernon P

    Felt very bad, I am sorry for your loss. Doing a proper research on what we are given to the dogs is important as it would affect the dogs and ultimately hurt us.

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    Jolene C

    My 7 year old (very healthy) golden retriever got sick within 4 hours of taking Bravecto. I had to put him down a week later. He first started out with a lot of vomiting and diarrhea. He stopped eating the following morning and didn’t eat for a week. We had no other option but to put him down. He would only lay on the floor and drool. DO NOT give your dog Bravecto. See facebook page “Did Bravecto Kill My dog”.

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    Sam J

    Used Credelio Chew for my Dogs against flea and tick and happy with the product result fast-acting trusted flea and tick remover buy at low prices from pecareclub.com. Like to know what other people use ?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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