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    We just got in fromms new lamb and lentils 4star gf blend. It’s potato free

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    Annie J

    I just found out the results of my dog’s allergies today….
    She is allergic to rice, corn, barley, tomatos, carrots and potatoes.

    I will obviously have to change her food… It will be tricky to find a good food with none of these ingredients.

    I feed her actually with Fromm family Grain free salmon tunalini. It’s a very good food, but it contains potatos, tomatos and carrots.

    Any idea on what i could give her now knowing her allergies…?


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    Hi Annie J,

    How did you find out those results? My dog has struggled with allergic reactions for about a year; we did some blood draw allergy testing, but it only tested for environmental allergens, not food. I would love to know more.
    In the meanwhile, check out Infinia foods…

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    Annie J

    Hello Sully’sMom,

    The clinic where i went for the tests offers them since about 5-6 years. The laboratory which did the tests is The Spectrum group. I think that they have many laboratories in USA and in other countries. From what i heard some clinics don’t offer these tests because they do not trust in the results. Some others think these tests are totally amazing and really help.

    This is why i had to make some research to find a clinic which made these tests. A lot of people told me that it really helped their dogs. I can’t wait to go forward with the results i had and ajust my dog’s food according to it.

    I also found out my dog was allergic to cat’s hair, acarids, root of iris and cockroach. Plus she has 21 other environmental allergens.

    Hope it helped a bit…

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    Are you interesting in dehydrated ? The Honest Kitchen’s Preference looks like it’s safe for you, but would have to add your own meat. The zeal blend looks ok as well, that’s the fish blend.

    You could start looking at the list at the beginning of this, but the first few I checked had tomato pomace

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    Annie J

    I did not try dehydrated food yet… I was planning to homemade cook for my dogs in a near future, but since i found out one of my dog was allergic to rice, i will have to find something else to replace it.

    Today i went to buy a new food. It does not contains potatos, tomatos and carrots plus it is grain free. Hope my dogs will be fine on it 🙂 Canine caviar- Wild ocean grain free als dinner.

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    Jackie T

    The other issue is identifying if your dog has a gluten intolerance. There are several grains that do not have gluten and have not been so genetically modified that the body no longer recognizes it as a good grain. Rice is gluten-free and there are more choices than just brown or white, red rice is very good with a lot of good nutrients, also Millet, the only alkaline grain, Quinoa, Teff and Buckwheat (which is not a grain but a seed) are some other sources for grain options.
    Cooking for your pups is not only time consuming and expensive but its tricky, determining the balance on the protein, carbs, fat and fiber plus getting all of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals and trace minerals, that your dog needs daily is a science project, until you get the right balance and daily amount to feed for your pet’s nutritional needs. And going to the other end of the dog, you need to determine what percentage of nutrients are being absorbed by your dog and how much is passing through the gut without being utilized.
    With so many options for fresh/frozen/freeze-dried, kibble or canned foods available now, it takes the guess work out of whether your pups are getting the proper nutrients and K/cals from the food you are feeding. Although these foods are not inexpensive, with the help of this website and forums, you can stay informed about any problems or recalls on the prepared foods.

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    Thank you for this list and for all of the input. Very helpful!!!

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    Is there anything on the list that is also low carb?

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    Christina E

    I have a miniature schnauzer who was just diagnosed with bladder stones. The vet of course prescribed her to change her diet and eat Royal Canin s/o to try to dissolve the stones. I read the ingredients. Meat isn’t even listed first and it has corn in it. I’ve been researching online and it appears the best diet is a moisture rich food, so more likely canned food, grain free, low carb and potato (starch) free. I have been feeding her Nature’s Variety grain free and recently switched to Merrick b/c I didn’t like that Nature’s Variety adds tapioca, but Merrick uses sweet potatoes. Can anyone recommend a good canned food to help prevent the recurrence of struvite stones?

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    Kim H

    I am so glad I found this list … my Dog is being treated for UTI and did 2nd round of antibiotic as they saw crystals. Dog in years past has UTI goes on meds and then fine. This time they wanted a urine sample after the 10 day antibiotic cycle. My vet suggested it may just be related to the UTI but wanted to know her food. I finally found a food for my itchy, sticky ear dog – Earthborn the Bison blend. So she says well is there a fish in that brand and there is but this dog went thru easily a dozen foods before we realized get her off the chicken ingredient. Vet office suggested a potato and duck and I went with Natural Balance Limited Ingredient potato and duck and after a week of it mixed in with their Earthborn she is itching so I am just beside myself. I did not keep her on duck before as I thought their urine staining on the grass was excesive so maybe she does not tolerate that along with the potato. so I am going back to Earthborn and Nzymes and a bladder support supplement. I am going to rotate her to the Meadow which is Lamb with lesser protein value as my vet seemed to imply the protein level of bison is higher. My head just wants to explode. I have had her and her sister 7 yrs since they were 6 weeks old and when I tell you we have been up and down the food choices I really have. This list is very helpful and the cost has to come in to play for me as well – three dogs to feed – the other dogs don’t have her issues

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    Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals Grain-Free Lamb & Lentil is also potato-free. 🙂 Innova Prime is also being marketed as Innova Nature’s Table now.

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    Lentils are really hard on a dogs digestive system. I would consider other options before I gave my dog a food with lentils in it especially if they have ibs.

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    The new formulations of the Acana Singles are now grain-free and white potato-free.

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    Misty W

    What have you found that is grain, all potato & poultry free that doesn’t break the bank? We’ve been using Pulsar Fish but honestly I get so sick w/ the smell of fish so looking for a non-fish dry food. Thanks for suggestions/pricing. We currently pay $46 for a 25 pound bag & just can’t afford this any longer with 4 dogs

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    Hi Misty,

    Two I can think of off of the top of my head are NutriSource and Victor.

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    Hi everybody. I’ve found Nature’s Logic to be the best brand so far. It’s a very limited ingredient food whose ingredient policy makes perfect sense to me. You can get a 26.4 pound bag from with free shipping for 57 to 65 dollars depending on the variety, which is a little pricey for most people but my little guy having perfect skin is more than worth it.

    I think we should add them to InkedMarie’s list.

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    • This reply was modified 8 years, 3 months ago by Mullins.
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    Hi Mullins,

    I agree that Nature’s Logic is a great food. My Cavalier is eating the duck and salmon right now. The only thing is it’s actually not grain free as it contains the pseudo grain, millet. Miller doesn’t bother me in the slightest and neither of my pups has a problem with it.

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    Oh wow, Betsy, you’re right. Nature’s Logic is only wheat-free. I’ll remove my link, but like you, I haven’t had any problem with Nature’s Logic. I’ll post again if I find anything better than it.

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    Many of the Nulo recipes appear to meet this criteria:

    Here is a link to one of the Freestyle formulas on

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    Zignature is a great option for grain, potato, chicken free food (they have single source protein, limited ingredient formulas) that is not very expensive. Since you don’t want any poultry you could feed the lamb and the salmon/trout formulas they offer. Not sure if duck is considered a “poultry”, but if not you could feed that one as well.

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    karren w

    Hi I live in the UK and am having a nightmare getting food for my dog she is an american bull dog she is 9 months old she carnt have chicken /wheat /potato’s/sweet potato’s /rice / or she get yeast ears .and her whole body is itchy. She is on orijen six fish at the moment as its got the lowest carbs in dry food you can bye in the UK .we are giving that for 2 meals and 1 meal of just meat .we are also giving her coconut oil and fish oil to try and help her . at the moment we are doing a bit better her ears are all good but she is dead itchy. Dos anyone no any other foods in the UK we can try .

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    karren w

    Hi I have been told by the vet to put my dog on hills zd ? As she carnt have potatoes sweet potatoes rice chicken or any carbs as she gets itchy and licks her paws till they are raw and get yeast ears and bum .i have you tryed hills or no anyone with the same problems as us I have look at evo food but we are in the UK and they don’t sell it here she has been on orjien six fish for 4 weeks and the fur on her head is falling out .

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    Z/D is mostly carbs.

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    Not sure if this is the best spot for this ?? My 5 yr old Great Pyrenees just started on wellness canned as back up to home cooking . She seems to like , CORE , Grain FREE , Turkey, chicken liver, turkey liver formula . AND Core , grain free Turkey , pork liver & Duck Formula . They both look like baby food & smell good , I used the few dented cans first , I can’t tell that they are bad in any way from the dents . She only ate 1/2 can of 12.5 OZ , Grain FREE ,Turkey & Duck Stew with sweet potatoes & Cranberries . I mixed the second 1/2 with good food scraps , I had to ask her to eat the last few bits of the wellness at the bottom . It looks KIND of like some of my home food , you can SEE the different bits . Her norm is to clean the plate on any food she likes . She seems to like MY sweet potatoes , they may have real butter on them at times or mixed with other good food as well as cranberries . Many times she will eat , peas , carrots , & salad if it has dressing & or cooked with other meat enough . Still no barfing . She is smart dog , I will give her the 11 cans I have left & likely not buy more of that . I WILL get more of the (2) Grain Free Core . I also have one other I have not fed yet . Of 4 cases from, I got about 6 dented cans .

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    Dee D

    Which ingredients may be responsible for causing my white Bouvier to really stink? He also gets large orange stains on his belly and feet where licks often. Don’t know if the licking causes the stains or the stains are caused by something else and cause him to lick!

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    Bridget A

    My Cairn was recently diagnosed with small kidney and bladder stones. We are going to try dissolving them by special diet. Vet recommended Hill’s Prescription Diet Canned food. Can you recommend another nutritionally comparably BRAND and also, a dry food that is grain and white potato free that is low in carbs?

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    A non vet food will NOT dissolve the stones. Use the prescription food that will dissolve them and then work on a nutrition plan to prevent them in the future. Make sure your dog gets plenty of water and opportunities to pee.

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    Bridget A

    Yes, “crazy4 cats”, thank you for replying. Appreciate your comments.

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    Help!!! I’m going to have to change everything free dog food again!!! Gracie is the one with the allergies. I have been giving both dogs raw apple cider vinegar in their water and her sensitive tummy seems to be doing much better in two weeks. However…..I have gone through almost all the dog foods that Inked Marie (thank you very much Inked Marie) listed and there is something I don’t like or they don’t like in almost all of them.

    What they don’t like-anything with chicken or turkey

    What I don’t like-fruit, legumes, anything that has a super high protein in it because it gives Gracie the runs. I’m not fond of sweet potatoes either. She’s an 8 year old papillion that acts like she’s 3. She doesn’t need fruit or sweet potato because she’s the energizer bunny already.

    We have used Merrick grain free, Nature’s variety, Back to basics pork (too rich and gave her the runs) and currently using Nutrisource grain free. I don’t give them the lamb. Since they are both small dogs, I rotate blends every 3-4 months.

    They love their kibble but it’s cold and snowy outside and she’s still scratching like a fiend.

    Gracie and George were at their healthiest when they did raw. However, mommy doesn’t have the time, money, or energy to make up batches of raw food and repeat repeat repeat.

    They love Evanger’s wet food and so do I. Just meat and water. I was thinking of trying Evanger’s dry food but I am concerned about the high level of protein to fat ratio. I’m also concerned about the sweet potato. Somebody help me!!

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    William M

    Got it InkedMarie,,,,,,,,,,,,,Thanks!

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    Billie G

    It would appear that this list hasn’t been edited in over a year. Anyone sure if it’s current?


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    I’ve heard that Nightshade vegetables are bad for Arthritis causing increased inflammation. White potatoes are a Nightshade vegetable. That’s why I think they’re not used in certain dog foods.

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    Sue S

    We had a pug with significant struvite stones. They were removed surgically 2
    1/2 years ago. Since then we had her on a daily OTC cranberry gel capsule simply added to her dry kibble with 2-3 tablespoons of water. Kibble swam in the water. We had her checked with ultrasounds several times and have had not even a slight recurrence of struvite stones. Give it a try! Good luck.

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    Lavan R

    Can I also get a link to the updated list InkedMarie…?

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    Julie S

    I have a three year old Maltese, he weighs 11 pounds, and for the past almost two years I have been feeding him Nature’s Logic Dog Kibble because that is what my local pet store said was one of the best. Around May of this year I started to notice stuff in his ears and took him to the vet where they confirmed it was yeast. I went through the washes, drops, and antibiotics but it still grows back within 3-4 days. I am so sick of it! I hate seeing him irritated with the itching, he does also chew at his paws every once in a while. I am now desperate to try a different food, and another local pet store recommended Now! Fresh Pet Food. Has anyone used this? I have started to go through list after list of dog food ingredients and still find Potatoes, grains, peas, and rice in all of them. Help!

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    The best choice would be to see a board-certified veterinary dermatologist, if one is available near you (here is a list:

    Most dermatologists will not skin test for allergies until the dog has been exhibiting symptoms for 1 year/4 seasons without any significant periods of relief. There are also other treatment options that a specialist could offer.

    A summary of treatments for canine atopy:
    And here is a recent update:
    More info here:
    Skin tests to determine what your pet might be allergic to are considerably more accurate, on the whole, than blood tests. However, they are not 100% accurate either. To have them performed, you will need to locate a board certified veterinary dermatologist

    excerpt below from:
    Food Allergies are probably over-diagnosed in dogs (they account for, perhaps 5-10%). Hypoallergenic diets are occasionally, but not frequently, helpful in canine atopy cases but you should always give them a try. Food intolerances are more common – but considerably more likely to result in digestive disturbances and diarrhea than in itching problems.

    via search engine here:

    Another site you may find helpful

    PS: Nutrisca Salmon and Chickpea (dry and canned) is grain/potato free, check Chewy. com for price comparison.

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    Research Brothers dog food. They don’t have white potatoes. I was using it for my dogs arthritis problem. Somewhere I read that a Ft Lauderdale? canine unit cured their dogs allergies with this food. It comes from a Florida pet store and they UPS it to you if you don’t live nearby. I now use Earthborn Holistics which doesn’t use white potatoes in its Great Plains Feast (bison meat). Good Luck!

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    Christine W

    I am going out of my mind reading about white potatoes! My 9 year old pug needs to lose a few pounds,i narrowed it down to Wellness Core reduced fat,but there seems to be quite a bit of white potato/potato flake in it.It was given 5 stars,so i’m really confused! but it does have the higher protein lower fat.The carbs are 42% which to me is coming from the potatoes.ANY advice on white potato is SO appreciated.I also believe it’s grain free.On another note i read the green tea extract is coming from China? i’d love feedback from Mike,as it’s almost if not the last ingredient.Thank you 🙂

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    The only thing I know about white potatoes is that it could contribute to inflammation in arthritis because it’s a nightshade vegetable. I have my dog on Earthborn Holistic. Some of their formulas have no white potato and no grain. Brothers a brand from Florida uses sweet potato which is a good substitute. Sweet potato believe it or not has less calories.

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    Actually, Brothers Complete doesn’t use sweet potato either. They use tapioca as a starch.

    I’ve used Brothers in my rotation for years. It’s one of my favorite foods.

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