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    I have a dog that takes several bits of kibble in his mouth and tries to swallow them whole, scratching his throat. I have a slow feed bowl, but it doesn’t help much. I need to find a good, nutritious dry dog food, (because of price), which will soften when soaked in water. Any suggestion?

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    Back when I fed food with grain, it swelled. It was Nutro, not a food I’d feed now. Why not feed wet food?

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    I’ve heard stories that Bil-Jac did that but they have changed their formula since someone told me about that. You can also try putting his kibble into a treat ball or Kong so he has to work to get it out. Another option is to mix kibble with something else like a little yogurt or pumpkin or canned food and freeze it inside of a Kong and let him lick it out like a treat. Or soak your kibble with plenty of water 12 hours in advance, keep it in the frig and serve for the next meal unless our dog doesn’t like cold food! In which case, you can try letting it soak for about 30 minutes.

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    Most any kibble will soften when soaked in warm water..some just take a bit longer than others.

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