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    We’re transitioning to canned food for the winter (I raise rabbits and hogs, so during the rest of the year we feed raw) and my boyfriend’s dog refuses canned food unless it is chunky.

    Does anyone have any good brands that they recommend that are very chunky? Our other dogs eat Pioneer, but even the Chunky Beef and Pilgrim’s Feast aren’t “chunky” enough for Her Royal Highness 🙂


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    I use canned foods and my dogs like chunky/stew types the best. Wellness stews are good, 4Health (Tractor Supply’s brand) is good, Nature’s Variety Prairie Homestyle stews that are good, Castor & Pollux has chunky formulas that are good. I hope this gives you a good start.

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    I use Wellness Stews, Merrick (Turducken, Wild Buffalo Grill), Nutrisca, Weruva (Jammin Salmon, Marbella Paella) and these are chunky. Some of the Merrick canned foods have bones in them. Maybe he’d like that.

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    I use Kirkland cuts in gravy regularly and I consider it chunky. I also used Merrick’s Brauts-n-tots the other day, and I thought it was pretty chunky as well. Both mix well with kibble.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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