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    Amy G

    Hi. I have a 7mo old schnauzer who is a small mini/toy size. He is currently on Victor grain free kibble with add in wet food, which I haven’t yet settled on. I have tried Weruva and he liked it but it’s not available locally. We tried Earthborn in the tubs and he ate it but wasn’t crazy about it. I now have the Merrick and he really seems to like it but some of the reviews are not great. I want to stick with a grain free product.

    My dilemma is…. He is now spoiled to having to have a mix in to eat his food at all. He never eats the kibble without it. I am currently only doing the mix in once a day but since he has stopped eating at breakfast I don’t think that’s good. Secondly, since adding the mix ins he has a very soft stool. We have been doing this over a month so it’s not “new”. Lastly, he is not a big fan of the Victor kibble and I was looking at other grain free options but the protein seems way too high for a small non working breed. Any suggestions on a good combination for us?


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    Instinct and Instinct Raw Boost and Wellness Core Small Breed are very small kibbles. We use a variety of canned foods here which my dogs love equally – Merrick (all flavors), Hound & Gatos, Wellness Core and Stews.

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    Hi Amy,
    If Weruva isn’t available locally, why not order it online? has it with free shipping if you spend a nominal amount.

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    Francine H

    I have a mini/toy schnauzer who is just 11 weeks old. Breeder had him on Diamond Naturals, but I’ve been switching him to Fromm Grain Free All Life Stages kibble, with some canned Evanger’s. He loves both. I leave the kibble out all day and he eats it periodically, but twice a day I add in the Evanger’s (same routine for my older dog, but I don’t leave his kibble out all day). I also add in a teaspoon of pumpkin. His stools are fine.

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    Since you have a schnauzer, it is important that you know Evangers is know for under reporting the fat levels in their food. Schnauzers are predisposed to pancreatitis which can be triggered by eating a high fat meal.

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