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    kathy k

    My four year old, seventy pound Goldendoodle has a very sensitive stomach. Perhaps once or twice a month he won’t eat with audible “pings” and sounds from his stomach. Often remedied with Pepto-bismol, occasionally need to go to chicken
    and rice. Haven’t noticed any improvement with different foods including non-grain. I’m thinking of look at probiotics. Any ideas?

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    Look for a probiotic with soil based organisms and as many different strains as you can find. Also, consider adding digestive enzymes to his food. Some dogs just don’t produce enough of them.

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    Hi Kathy, those noises are from his bowel its gases going thru the bowel, it can be painful.. When I first got Patch 23months ago, he was having the gurgling & rumbling noises every 10-15 days early hours of the morning… I took him to vet & vet said Colitis, then vet said Colitis/IBD cause if he ate something different he’d do very soft to sloppy poos, He was put on a Vet prescription diet Eukanuba Intestinal low residue 10% fat, I also feed him the Wellness Simple Lamb & Oatmeal kibble for breakfast & lunch, but for dinner night feed I feed the Eukanuba Intestinal just incase, he’s been good this last year but a few times when I’ve feed him boiled chicken & pumkin for dinner, we were up early hours of the morning (3-4am) with his bowel gurgling & rumbling, all he wants to do is eat grass, I make him 1 piece of toast (white bread) & thinly spread salmon & lobster paste & the noises stop & we go back to bed,
    Patch is on a dog probiotic has been for over 1 year since the vet said Colitis/IBD.. I dont know if the dog probiotic has helped but I ran out of his probiotic the other month for 3-4 days & his poos were softer & left a poo mark on the grass, so I went & got more of his probiotic.. I mix a level teaspoon with 15ml water in his bowl & he loves it.. I give inbetween feeds in the morning..if you do get a dog probiotic only give half the dose for the first week then increase to proper dose..
    But I know feeding him his low fat Eukanuba Intestinal at night has stopped all the gurgling noises so far & he wants to eat his breakfast in the morning, where before he didnt want to eat when his bowel was pinging & gurgling that morning.. I can hear him if I’m in my room & he’s in the loungeroom, poor things..
    Try a limited ingredient lower fat kibble, I don’t feed the grainfrees kibbles, most of them have potato & the kibble is harder when they have potato plus Patch can’t eat potatos he gets a itchy rash on his chest then has diarrhea.. I also soak his kibble in water for about 3 mins then drain the water & put kibble on a paper towel & pat dry then put 1/4 cup in his bowl let him eat, then I put another 1/4 of kibble in his bowl, he’s a gulper so I slow his eating down a bit & the Wellness Simple Lamb & Oatmeal fat-12% & Simple Duck & Oatmeal fat-11% softens easy when I soak in water, so does his Eukanuna Intestinal, so if he has gulped & hasnt chewed his kibble they are softer & easier to digest…

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    Nancy C

    You might try BIG DOG NATURAL !! It has Tripe and Fermented vegetables in it and is very digestible. Can read about it on our discussion board. Dogs love it.

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