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    Anyone own a Golden Retriever? If so what do you feed yours? My Golden Retriever Angel is 8 years old and has these problems;
    *dry skin
    *itchy skin
    *red skin
    *weak hip and joints (she is on cohesion for this)
    *sometimes over weight
    *eats very fast
    She is on Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed Senior along with other small bags of stuff mixed in. She has only had chicken her entire life and as a younger puppy/adult was on;
    *Eukanuba Puppy
    *Purina Pro Plan Puppy
    *Purina One Adult
    *Hill’s Science Diet Large Breed Adult
    *Royal Canine Golden Retriever
    *Blue Buffalo Large Breed Senior
    *Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed Senior
    None of these I was happy with and none of them did the trick except for Royal Canine (kinda). What can you suggest? I’m open to ANY suggestions, including all life stages dog food. My only thing is that I need it to be inexpensive, not cheap but not like $80 for a 24lb bag.

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    My first thought is maybe something that isn’t chicken based.

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    Mary M

    I agree, try some other protein other than chicken. My golden is allergic to chicken and grains.

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    Melissa R

    I would recommend Eathborn Holistic Pet Food. They carry a very budget friendly quality
    made dog food. I have used their grain free dog foods and have been very pleased.
    Visit the website and read the testimonials of pet owners who’s dog allergy issues were resolved once they switched to Earthborn. This brand has been reviewed favorably on Dog Food Advisor as Editor’s picks for budget friendly and best in grain free. Good Luck!

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    Try Victors Grain Free and stay away from any and all poultry including poultry (fowl) ingredients listed in the lower portion of ingredient list on the food. They always sneak in chicken fat or turkey meal, stuff like that. You should also try to eliminate white potato and tomatoes as they add to inflammation. Dogs with allergies and arthritic problems need to avoid foods that will add to inflammation.

    I don’t feed kibble myself but I have read from a lot of the knowledgeable posters that they feed and recommend the Victor’s Grain Free. I would suggest that you go to Victor’s review here on dfa and read some of the posts.

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    Jane E

    have you had a full thyroid panel done lately?

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