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    Sara E

    Having a problem with very wet loose stools from my 7 year old Golden. He is eating Solid Gold Bison. The color of his stool is like a mustard yellow( I know TMI ) so sorry! He used to eat Nutro Max and we didn’t have any problems. I was told that was not a good food, so I switched him to Marrick Whole Earth, which we got at Wag’nWash in COS. But since we moved to MN, it was hard to find. My daughter suggested Solid Gold. So we switched. Help, Please!

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    Its not easy when switching to a different dog food, especially when they are not all made the same. For the time being you might want to give him some plain white rice until you can figure out what the problem is. I had the same problem with my St Bernard, I was giving him Nature’s Recipe until he got very sick. I ended up taking him to the vet because I really wasn’t sure what the problem was. Anyway we found out that he has a problem with foods that are high in protein. So before you go and switch foods again you might want to take him to the vet and have them check him out.

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    Hi Sara- How long have the loose stools been going on? When you switched to Solid Gold did you have any of the old food to blend to do a proper transition with? If he was eating one food for a long time and because of your move, you had to switch his food suddenly he might be having loose stool because of that. Also was the move recent? Could be stress at 7 years of age, from the move. 7 is moderately old for a large breed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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