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    E V

    I wanted to encourage everyone to pay close attention to dry dog food being purchased from petsmart. i bought two bags that were infested with cocoons, worms, and flying insects. I noticed this when loading it into my car in the stores parking lot. The cocoons were in the crevices of the bags.i am assuming it was one bug in it’s various life stages. I returned the bags and attempted to replace them and found the other bags on the shelf had the same issue. After getting a refund I went to the store the next day to return a carpet cleaner I had rented and saw the same infested bags on the sale shelf being sold for half price. They had been wiped down on the outside but one can only imagine what was going on on the inside. The bags had small holes all over them. I was told that “All pet foods have issues i the summer with infestations” this was said by the store manager. This was the grain free Fish and Sweet potato food which has been working well for my allergic dogs. needless to say, i won’t be shopping at Petsmart again. Cleaning off and selling infested food is the issue i have with the store. it’s atrocious.

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    In all my years of dog ownership, I’ve never had an infestation. I’d never shop at that store again.

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    I wonder if this is why I got a voucher from PetSmart for a free bag of Authority dog or cat food up to 8 lbs! I used it on a 5lb bag of the Authority grain free adult chicken recipe today. I’ll report back if there are any issues.

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    Molly S

    Also Cat Food.

    I had a bag of Purina, from one PetSmart. It was Pro Plan for dogs. Was totally infested with meal moths and a web across the top of the bag. This was 10 years ago.

    I started going to a PetSmart in a nicer part of town. It was newer and cleaner. Everything was fine until 2 months ago I purchased a bag of Purina One dry food for cats. I stored it with 2 other bags of Purina food. It was infested and it infested the 2 other bags I had it stored with.

    Purina blames this problem on improper storage and accepts no fault. I think it’s cheap grains that draw these bugs/worms/maggots in, and cheap materials for the bags allow them easy access. You can google this problem online, with Purina products, and there are 100’s and 100’s of issues.

    I quit going to PetSmart and I will not buy any Purina products.

    I’m ordering from Chewy and buying Evolve. It’s a good food at a decent price. They have no bug or recall issues. And their bags are a great quality.

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