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    Lynn Z

    I recently have become aware of all the GMOs in the North American food supply and this includes of course pet foods. If you are unfamiliar with the potential harm caused by GM foods, there are two free movies you can watch online: “Genetic Roulette” and “Seeds Of Death”. A few days ago I discovered that Wellpet (manufacturers of Wellness brand pet foods) has a few products that are GMO free! I’ve switched to Wellness Complete Health Large Breed Puppy food and intend to switch all of our dogs to Wellness when our current purchase of Nutrisca runs out.

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    Hi Lynn, Ive been posting & posting about WellPet (Wellness) kibbles telling people how good they are especially if your dog has health problems & is on a prescription vet diet & you dont like the ingredients in the Vet diets…. I have a dog with Pancreatits & IBD & the Wellness Simple the Duck & Oatmeal & the Lamb & Oatmeal have been the only kibbles that have worked for Patch beside his vet diet. Wellness Simple is a limited ingredient kibble…
    Wellpet also make Holistic Select & Eagle Pack, I dont know if they are GMO free, I know the Holistic Select Anchovy Sardines & Salmon meal is excellent if your dog has itchy skin allergies….

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    Hi Lynn, if you’re looking for more brands to rotate with, Victor is also GMO free. Here’s there site.

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