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    Oh yeah!! What will they mess with next?

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    I read this!! Pretty scary huh!!!!!!! UGHHHHHHH

    Thanks for linking it Sandy!

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    Wow. What’s next?

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    Oh my word that’s awful

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    This turns my stomach reading this. Sandy, I ‘m thinking of taking Dixie to a pathologist here in the state of Ala. I know what that means for me and the heart retching ordeal. But I have to know. Will it make me feel any better? or worse? I do not want her Vet to do it. I want a real pathologist who is unbiased. What do you all think? Thanks, Brenda ( its still so hard to go from day to day with out her)

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    Well, there’s already fish genes in non-organic tomatoes (to keep from frost), so I guess this doesn’t surprise me.

    I just worry, as with farmed salmon, most about the farmed or GM fish escaping and mixing/breeding with the wild supply. Scary that we may not even have a choice then.

    I know the top GM crops are corn, cotton, soy, beets. Also papaya! All Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s brand do not contain GM ingredients. So that helps. Found out that all popcorn though is still non-GMO, because it’s a separate seed variety and they haven’t figured out yet how to create a GMO version.

    The pictures of groups of rats fed GMO soy, GMO soy with RoundUp (both by Monsanto, of course), and then non-GMO soy were very disturbing. Loads of giant tumors, still births and miscarriages, early deaths, etc. with the GMO & RoundUp garbage. Just when I thought I was becoming paranoid or overly cautious, I was reminded that I really, really should never be buying that stuff.

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    I heard GM pineapple for Del Monte got approved as well 🙁

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