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    adam s

    We just acquired two large breed puppies (golden retriever mix) for our five kids. FANTASTIC. However, my two sons have severe food allergies. No, they are not eating the dog food, but the allergies are also contact allergies. So, in order to keep the puppies, our dogs have to submit to the same food allergy awareness list as my sons. The big issues are gluten, egg, & nuts. I can easily find adult dry food without those three ingredients but puppy food like this is not so easy to find.

    We’ve been using California Natural: Herring and Sweet Potato, which I thought would work since it is egg free and wheat free. But it is not gluten free because of the Barley in it….My son had an allergic reaction to the dog because the dog licked his face. This now precludes my boys from caring for the dogs (feeding and grooming and playing) because of the possible reaction.

    Please, any advise would be appreciated. I need large breed dry puppy food without egg, wheat, barley, rye (gluten containing grains). I can easily find the gluten free, but almost ALL puppy food has the egg for the needed fats. AND, GO!

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    Look in the Diet and Health Issues forum for the Large and Giant Breed Puppy Nutrition thread. On pg 15 in a post by Hound Dog Mom, there is a google doc with a list of foods that are appropriate for large breed puppies. Print up the list and go to and look at the ingredients for those foods and start marking them off. Off the top of my head, Nature’s Variety Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Turkey would fit your needs, but I’m sure there are others on the list.

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    Ditto what the Nut said! It’s important to choose a food off of the list she mentioned to ensure you’re pup is not receiving too much Calcium, which can result in skeletal disorders like hip and elbow dysplasia. I’m currently using NVI LID for my dog with food intolerance issues and give it a thumbs up!

    My hats off to you for giving your sons the opportunity to have pets. I think a lot of parents in your shoes would forgo a pet, thinking it would make their lives too complicated. Pets add so much to our lives. Thanks for giving your boys the opportunity. 🙂

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    adam s

    Thanks for the start on that list. I will drill down and see if any of those work……I will post if I find a success!!!!!

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    I agree with everything that’s been said. I just wanted to ask, if you don’t mind saying, what your son’s allergic reactions are. If it is a very severe reaction, (anaphylaxis and the like) then you may want to email the companies to double-check that these foods do not contain the allergens.

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