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    I’ve been giving my 6 year old cat Tipper about 1 Dog treat a day for the past 3 weeks becaue he likes them. They may be making him sick as he isn’t himself the past 2 days and the name brand I’m giving him is Canyon Creek Ranch Chicken Breast Tenders snack for small Dogs.
    I noticed they are made in China. Anybody out there know about giving dog treats to a cat.
    I have given him many others during his life without a problem. Anybody out there know about giving dog treats to cats and about this brand. Thanks in advance

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    Get your cat to the Vet. Pets are sick from kidney failure and dying from these treats.

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    Hi DocSteve82,
    Did you read Dr. Mike’s recall threads? Chicken jerky treats from China are being recalled. Salmonella is the biggest contaminant, I think. I don’t feed anything from China, so I haven’t been paying too much attention to which brands. Click on recall at the top of the page, and read the recall notices. :-} Please stop feeding those treats, just to be safe.. Lots of animals are being made sick, and there’s been some deaths. 🙁 hope your kitty is o.k.

    As far as treats, only give treats that are meat, and not from China. It won’t matter if they’re dog or cat. 🙂

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    Jerky treats from China have been killing dogs for several years. The FDA is reportedly investigating but the tainted treats remain on the shelves. Do not give any treats from China to your dog or cat. Please visit the site. Information on the investigation and how to report an incident are on the right side of the page. Also, search Google for “jerky treats china” , without the quotes, to learn more.

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    Nice post Sisu!

    PattyVaughn asked me to post the following ( She’s having trouble posting to the forum, and me alerted to DocSteve82’s original post…): I think these are the jerky treats that are not recalled because the FDA can’t figure out what is wrong with them, but pets are getting Franconi syndrome or dying.

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    OMG! GET THAT CAT TO THE VET ASAP! Your cat may very well suffering kidney or liver failure. Overe 2245 complaints on those jerky treats are being investigated by the FDA – 383 dog and 1 cat death reported in 2012. Save any leftover treats you have by wrapping securely and placing in the freezer – the FDA may at some point ask for samples to test.
    Most importantly do NOT delay in getting your cat to the vet and let them know that your cat has been ingesting imported jerky.

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