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    carol c

    My bullmastiff rescue is around seven years old. She has been on Science Diet and has not lost any of her “tonnage.” She also seems very itchy, even though I have tried every shampoo in the world. I need a good dog food that is affordable being that I might be taking another one in.

    I am down to two cups a day and green beans to try to fill her up. I am beyond knowing what to do.

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    Try feeding Annamaet Lean or Wellness Core reduced fat, feeding less than they recommend.

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    Frank K

    I am extremely happy with Wellness Core. I have been feeding the puppy formula to my 2 American Pit Bull Terriers since aged 12 and 16 weeks through their current age of 11 months. While it is not an inexpensive brand, it is cost effective since it is not primarily a bunch of grain products and they do not require a whole bunch. Their stools are firm and small, and their physical condition is excellent….sleek coats, lean body weight, excellent energy level. I actually took all that for granted–until FedEx was unable to navigate our mile long driveway to deliver their regular shipment and I had to purchase a stand-in for a few days. Their droppings at least quadrupled in size and they never seemed to feel satiated after their meal! I plan to continue with the Wellness Core Puppy for the next 6-12 months and will then transition to the Adult version. (They are very large–My male pup is 118 lean pounds and the female 85 so they are actually still physically growing.) As a former breeder, exhibitor, and commercial kennel operator, I have feed a LOT of different brands over the years. The consistency of the Wellness Core quality SO FAR has been exceptional in comparison to many top-ranked competitive brands. I would not hesitate to begin a trial with your dog’s appropriate version from their company.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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