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    Brendan M

    Little help getting kicked off if I could, feeding the pup barf at the moment but that’s going to end up costing me a mint very soon so looking at making it myself..

    So if I go 70-80% chicken mince with 10% liver and kidney and 10% fruit and veg everyday but giving her half a chicken carcus every few(5?) days as her complete meal (1/4 in the morning, 1/4 at night)
    Is that good… or….?

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    You usually want that last 10% to be raw meaty bones. Feeding whole carcuses is a way to make up for that though I suppose. Just make sure you’re also feeding veggies that will make up for a little bit of that calcium intake.

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    Brendan M

    Cheers, the ratio was for the main day to day meal but yeah the carcass was to make up the 10% RMB she’s supposed to get… she’s getting 200grams a day at the moment so instead of trying to give her around 20grams of rmb a day I was thinking half a carcass every few days?

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    Hi Brendan-

    I don’t feed raw for a lot of reasons, but here is a blog written by a woman from the Netherlands who has, in my opinion, correctly done a Prey Model Raw diet for her dog Mojo.


    They also have a YouTube channel with meal prep videos.


    And if you follow her Insta gram page, she answers questions about Mojos diet.

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    Connie L

    Im new to this site and i need some help, im having the worst time with my pitti.. she is having really bad skin issues that affect her ears, her belly skin, and her skin is flaking and she is loosing little patches of hair… every site i have gone on say pitties are notorious for these issue and RAW is the beat way to go.. BUT……. she is allergic to chicken, and alot of these diets call for feeding chicken, a buddy of mines gave me a meal plan to start… i started with ground beef and she seems to be loving the food she cleans her bowl, i also see that they require organs but where i live its seems like its not easy to aquire all the wierd stuff… i guess i need help with meal planning. 😫😫

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    Raw diets should contain the precentages I posted above. Where do you live? Usually if there’s any type of meat market around you butchers are begging ppl to take the less sought after organs. And will typically sell them in bulk for low prices. Same with unwanted meaty bones. If you’re just feeding ground beef right now your dog isn’t getting a lot of vitamins. There should be bones and organs (liver and secreting) added to have full benefits.

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    Sloane K

    Connie L-

    Here’s a great beginner’s guide to check out before starting the raw food dog diet:

    I would also consult my veterinarian on these choices before starting.

    Wish your pup the best.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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