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    Cameron P

    Hello fellow Dog Lovers!

    I Have posted here a few times about the best diet for my pup, and I’ve finally found a food that he absolutely loves and is on the recommended large breed list! I have had him on Nature’s Variety Instinct: Limited Rabbit Formula for quite a while now. He loves it! He scarfs it down. I have noticed that his stools have been pretty big and usually after his initial poop, he’ll move forward a bit, and let loose a more runny stool. This has happened with every food he’s had, so I was wondering if it was common to experience this. He’s had a stool test in the past, and nothing was wrong with it, and the vet didn’t seem concerned when I mentioned it, so I turn to you guys and gals! Is there something I should do differently to make for more consistent bowl movements, or continue doing what I’m doing?

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    I would add probiotics. I’ve seen this quite a number of times and for some dogs I know it has to do with excitement and activity level. I suspect that they are running around enough to get their core temp up and either killing off some of the probiotics in their system or their excitement level is causing food to speed up through the gut so the large intestine doesn’t have time to finish resorbing liquid. Probiotics helps some dogs, adding fiber helps others. That may mean that for some dogs it’s one thing and for other dogs it’s the other. If the probiotics don’t help, then try adding a couple spoonfuls of canned pure pumpkin.

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