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    Has anyone here seen the Gentle Leader in the wider (3/4″ vs 5/8″ or narrower) strap, for large to giant breeds?

    I have an old one in the narrow width, from rescue work, in large. But I’ve read that the wider width might be more comfortable for large dogs.

    I’m having trouble locating it for purchase, both locally (big metropolitan area) and online. Also, I want to purchase it in black — not red or any colors. Stores seem to carry the narrow width only and the product packages and online descriptions do not specify width.

    From what I can tell, Gentle Leader (as a patented product, by a veterinarian, behaviorist) is licensed to two companies: PetSafe division of Premier, now Radio Systems; and Beaphar (out of the Netherlands, w/a US importer/distributor, PaccPets). Would prefer, if possible, to buy from Beaphar or alternative to PetSafe for ethical reasons (Ditto Halti/Holt).


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    Looks like all of the gentle leaders petsafe makes are sold on their site. They have an extra large but I’m not sure if they are any wider than the large as far as the nose strap if they are not it’s likely a wider strap doesn’t exist. Might try contacting petsafe to see. I know halti brand used to make a headcollar for giant dogs but the store I work at discontinued them. I did see them on amazon though.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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