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    My English bulldog is 5 months – my breeder makes us purchase Genetic life dog food and I see that it does not have a whole lot of protein. This website doesn’t haw a review on this brand of food. Is it possible for someone to tell me if this dog food is really the best? It’s $80 a bag. I need to know if I’m being scammed. Thanks so much.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi alfiethebulldog –

    I had never heard of it but I just checked it out. The website it pretty sketchy. The ingredients and general analysis don’t look horrible but it’s definitely not a top notch food and not worth $80 a bag. I’d say it’d probably be rated 4 stars and suggest that if you have that kind of money to spend on food you spend it on a 5 star kibble or consider a more species-appropriate diet of raw or canned foods.

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    Do you sign a contract that you’d feed that food?

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    First off I would question the return policy….
    As stated on their Webpage:

    Refund Policy
    There will be no refund for any opened
    product. If a custumer decides to
    return any unopened product it is the
    buyer’s responsibility to pay for
    shipping to return the product.

    How are you suppose to try the food and if your pet does not like it or ETC? I am sorry but if my dogs do not eat a brand kibble and the Company tells me that if I open it I cannot return it…BS

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    Nectar mom, did you copy and paste fom their site?

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    I saw that too about the return policy. I’m just worried he’s not getting enough protein. Especially since it’s that expensive. I know there are better brands out there. I just need to find it!

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