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    I have a 2 years old lab/australian cattle dog mix and lately he’s been vomitting and having diarrhea quite a lot lately. He’s been fine on Pedigree puppy and adult up until now. I am some sort of on a budget and I can’t afford vet brand dog food so I was wondering a good pet store name brand for gastro diet dry food anyone would recommand.
    Thanks for your help :o)

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    Nutri Source has a chicken and rice that was easy to transition to for my dog that was sensitive.

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    Hi dolphina-

    It may be a bit of hit or miss until you find the right one that works for your dog. Buy small bags until you are sure its the “hit” for yours. You can see if Dave’s is sold by you-they have varieties(senstive line) that many people in my area have told me worked well for their dog(it did not work for mine-) Its also reasonably priced, and they have a canned offering as well.

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    I agree with Patty on this. This past summer, I needed to switch my new Golden pup off of the Purina Pro Plan the breeder had him on and I was able to make a cold turkey switch to Nutri Source Adult Chicken & Rice. I’ve become a big fan of their products and regularly use several of their kibbled and canned formulas in our rotation. It’s a budget friendly food and they have a loyalty rewards program ~ buy 12 get the 13th free. I convinced a co-worker to switch from Pedigree to Nutri Source and she pointed out that it’ll actually cost less because she’s able to feed less of the Nutri Source than the Pedigree.

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    Another food that’s affordable is Dr. Tim’s. Both of mine have done very well on the Grain Free Kinesis. On, the largest bag of Nutri Source Adult Chicken & Rice is $1.45 per pound and Dr. Tim’s Grain Free Kinesis is $1.90 per pound. The grain inclusive Kinesis is the same price per pound as the Nutri Source for the largest bag.

    A food that I think is exceptional is Nature’s Logic. Mine both do great on it and I believe for the quality of the product, $2.20 per pound is a screamin’ steal.

    My Golden has a bit of a sensitive tummy at times and he does great on all of the foods that I’ve mention having used.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Dolphina13 –

    Oftentimes when dogs are having issues on low quality foods (such as Pedigree, Beneful, ‘Ol Roy, etc.), simply switching to a food free of corn, wheat, soy and dyes can solve the problem. I’m not sure exactly what you’re “budget” is but the cheapest options I know of would be Pure Balance (sold at Walmart) the chicken variety is $31.88 for 30 lbs. and the lamb variety is is $39.88 for 30 lbs and 4Health (sold at Tractor Supply) runs between $31.99 and $36.99 for a 35 lb. bag. I know a lot of people that have had success with lamb and rice based foods for sensitive dogs. But, like Melissa said, it’s trial and error – every dog is different.

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    Ahhh guys, thanks soooo much!!! I have “homework” to do and since I’m in Canada not too sure where I can find all these brands but I’ll look around for sure.

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