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    alexis w

    for those of you that think that fruits and veggies are important in your dog’s diet what are your top 3 favorites, the staples that you use regularly in most of your recipes?

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    Debbie J

    Sweet Potato
    Butternut Squash

    Their favorites

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    While I feed mostly prey model raw, I do feed fruits and vegetables a few times a week for antioxidant and vitamin/mineral benefit. I try to stick to low sugar and low carbohydrate fruits and veggies so as not to overload the system with too much unnecessary stuff. Blueberries, spinach, kale, chia seed, pumpkin and the occasional broccoli, apple, pear or green bean might make its way into the bowl a few times a month 🙂 I do offer butternut squash as a treat from time to time because she loves it like Debbie J said also!

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    I gave mine blueberries the other day & they pooped them out LOL

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    LOL Inked Marie, mine is that way with strawberries. Will never make the mistake of giving strawberries again! 😛

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    alexis w

    @Coonhound Mama did your dog get the squirts from the strawberries or just pieces in the poo? im having an issue with the squirts and think that may be what it is, day after giving strawberries for the first time is when it started. sorry if tmi, just in need of some solid info, vets just say omg its distemper bring her in, i know its from a food, just cant figure which one(she gets into everything if its not chained up or swept up promptly)

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    Only a veterinarian that has examined your dog, tested a fecal sample, reviewed the dogs history and dietary habits, etc. can diagnose and prescribe treatment for your dog.

    I always rule out medical issues before assuming the symptoms have anything to do with the food.

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    Alexis W-

    Yes, the strawberries gave her diarrhea. Many of the food charts I’ve seen say to feed strawberries sparingly, as this is a known side effect. I do not feed them at all now. I was certain it was the strawberries as it was the only time I had ever given them to her. I would agree with Anonymous however in that ruling out a medical condition as a reason for diarrhea should come before assumption of gastrointestinal upset from a change in food.

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    I throw all kinds of different high antioxidant fruits and veggies into the blender, then freeze them into ice cubes, and give one a day. So my dogs get some strawberry every day, as well as blueberry, blackberry, and some others. They have no diarrhea issues, but they don’t get too much of any of them.

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    alexis w

    thank you all so much for your input, as for @anonymously, i talked to multiple vets, some of which said to bring her in that it was disptemper or a stomach bug of some sort, then i talked to other vets(mostly the hoslistic ones) that said it was most likely caused by something she ate. to clarify, its not so much diarrhea as it is loose poo. I would have gladly taken her to a vet if we had not spent our last $40 on a popped tire on our vehicle. forgive me if that sounds like an excuse, its not, i looked into payment plans and such but none of the vets in our area do them and we were not eligible for any 3rd party plans. Thank you to those who gave insight into the issue i was having with the poo as well as those who just chimed in on the original question of the post, it was all very informative and helpful, i figured out that the loose stool issue was due to me recently changing her diet and putting her on a bland diet of ground turkey, brown rice, peas, carrots, celery and bell pepper for a few days is clearing it up nicely. she does seem to be sensitive to some fruits like blackberries and strawberries but not to others like blueberries and bananas which she loves. i think my top 3 veggies and fruits are peas, carrots and blueberries but like you all it is so hard just to pick 3 as to have a well rounded diet variety must be had.

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    My pup is not a fan of fruits. He hates bananas, apples, strawberries, and barely tolerates blueberries. He loves meat only…

    So I make a bluberry kefir smoothie for him once in a while. I get a cup and he gets some tablespoons.

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    alexis w

    @Cannoli i love the idea of a kefir smoothie, my pup loves blueberries and bananas so those would definitely be in there! thanks for the idea

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    Aileen E


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    Michele F

    Blueberries, butter nut squash, sweet potato, apples seeds removed, carrots, peas,

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