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    I was given about 3 kilos of chicken breast for a Easter present for Patch but it was given to me all stuck together frozen…When I normally buy Patches chicken breast from supermaket its fresh not frozen, then I cook breast that day then freeze into little meals.. I was always told that if something is frozen & if u thaw it u cant re-freeze it.. but if you cook it can u refeeze the cooked chicken breast…I dont want to give my dog food poisoning…

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    The problem with refreezing raw is that is one of the ways you get freezer burn, but that isn’t a problem usually for dogs. They don’t seem to mind a little freezer burn. Thawing, cooking, and then refreezing is definitely OK.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    I agree with bc nut. Although I’m sure there’s some extra damage done to the meat at the cellular level, in my opinion it’s not reason enough to justify wasting the meat. And the main reason people don’t usually do it is due to taste reasons. I’ve fed my dogs meat that’s been thawed and re-frozen plenty of times.

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