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    Susan M

    I have 3 labs, one is 8 on limited ingredient dog food do to ear issues. I also have a 3 and a 1 year old. They are on chicken soup for the dog lover but still have soft stools. I believe I is the fruit in it as they had no issue on a different lamb and rice food but my 2 year old had a issue . My question is id like to get all my dogs on one food. Fromms gold or fromms classic. Any one out there have an opinion?
    Lab lady3

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    Definitely gold over classic. Personally I use 4 star in my rotation, and perhaps the grain free variety would help firm your labs up, though you have to watch, some varieties are a bit low on protein

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Fromm Gold is more highly rated, however the Fromm Classics are more reasonably priced – so it depends on your budget. Neither are bad foods. If you have the money, I’d say go for the Gold (or even the Four Star) but if you’re on a budget you’d probably be better off with the Classics.

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    Susan M

    Thank you both, which 4 star would you recommend? Lamb? Beef?

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    I don’t use any of the grain inclusive ones, not because of the grains-they aren’t unhealthy grains and my dogs can tolerate them-but because they are all fairly low protein %.

    I rotate through some of the others, but it depends what else is in your rotation if you rotate. I like their Pork and Pea because I don’t feed anything else with pork in it.

    I’ve also used Game Bird, Beef Frittata, and Surf n Turf. I don’t use Salmon Tunalini because I have another in my rotation that’s Salmon based. I haven’t tried the Lamb yet, it’s pretty new, looks good, but since it’s getting hot out, one of mine gets really warm on lamb

    Overall, they’re all pretty nice, i’d recommend all the ones ive used, and probably the ones I havent

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    Hi Aquariangt,

    When you say one of yours good hot on lamb, what exactly do you mean? I may be wondering the same about one of mine.

    Sorry for the hijack!

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    Betsy, according to the Chinese feeding method lamb is considered a hot food. Lots of people use lamb in the winter and something like whitefish in the summer. Or, if you have a dog that always seems to be “hot”, like seeking out cool places to lay or has some kind of inflammation going on, then you also would want to try to feed a cool food, other than lamb. Hope this helps.

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    Hi Betsy, this is kind of related to your food energetics topic as well.

    I had noticed once that Liesl was stretching out on the wood floor, like REALLY stretching, and sticking her face under the ottoman, only going outside when she had to, and always staying in the shade… etc (not too a scary alarming rate, just more than she should have been) and that was on a lamb rotation. She also felt warmer than usual-and nothing really wrong with her according to the vet.

    I did some research and found some articles about the yin/yang foods with warming and cooling. The next bag I picked up after reading this was duck based-one I normally use anyway (Fromms game bird) and that seemed to reduce the problem. This was last summer. I tried Lamb again in the winter, and the issue was drastically better. So while I don’t know a ton about the Chinese healing properties and such, this one seemed to make sense. So while I don’t know if everything about that is true-with some of the allergies and whatnot- the lamb warming definitely seemed to make a difference with her, but not with Willoughby or Dani. I am not sure why it seemed to have a different effect on Liesl, but for the next few months, I’ll be avoiding lamb foods

    Venison falls under the same category, but I haven’t tested a venison based food, and am reluctant to until winter again.

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