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    Patricia A

    I noticed all the red showing up for questionable ingredients in Fromm Four Star grain free kibble hence getting the four star rating. Been rotating between beef Fritta, Salmon Tunalini and Salmon ala Veg(not grain free). I use Health Extension chicken topper. Just would like an opinion if Wellness Core Dry small breed or ocean kibble would be a better choice since it got five stars? Also should I just go with the Stella Chewys raw coated kibble small breed, white fish which also got the five stars. Does the baking REALLy make that big of a difference being less processed and a better choice for kibble. I also try to top with Stella Chewys freeze dried but my 16 year old and 3 year old walks away. Is Wellness Core Hearty Cuts good. My middle one is a little overweight. I’m so confused. My 16 year old Hannah Belle has been on Fromm mixed with the Vets choice health extensions for years so I wouldn’t switch her.

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    My small breeds are on the Wellness core original (Yorkie mixes and a poodle) (5 dogs)
    They have also eaten the low fat variety because back then I had a large breed that was very overweight and he was put on a diet using the low fat with great success..
    (That was when I found the Dogfood Advisor BTW)
    I do have to grind up the kibble for my one dog in my bullet since he has trachea issues and the kibble is slightly large for him (He didn’t have issues in the past he is now 6yrs old) I top mine off with 5 star grain free canned which currently Natures Domain grain free from Costco and I decided to now try Freshpet (the non grain free since it is rated better then the grain free) I have also done Grandma Lucy’s Pureformance as a topper too but I have called them several times and they can not give me the sodium levels in their food so I use it from time to time.
    Mine are doing great but I also rotate to different grain free foods on occasions. I am now switching to Natures Variety and they have been that on the past and have done well but I like the smaller kibble too.
    The weight issue of you one dog… you need to measure the dogs food based on the calories he should get.. It took me forever to figure it out since I am not a math wiz but 3 of my dogs get 2.5 table spoons of dry kibble and 2 heaping tablespoons of the topper and the other 2 dogs get 3.5 tbsp of the dry and the 2 heapings of the topper.
    I do feed my dogs 2x a day I feel it’s better (They did eat 3x but they decided it was too much)
    I do feed treats too so that is why my food is slightly less probable then it should be
    But this is just what I do I am no guru that’s for sure

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    Patricia A

    Thank you for replying with your feeding choices Cathy. The more I read the more confused I get. I always went with the Fromm kibble and rotated proteins. Just was disappointed to see that advisor gave them the 4 stars . Also been reading that kibble is the most processed going in the order of healthier would be dry worst, canned next freeze dried then raw. I don’t want to go raw but I would like to step up at least for my two younger ones with a 5 star canned topper and rotating with a 5 star kibble . So far only the little fatty7 year old Tia(Chihuahua) eats the freeze dried stella chewys topper. It’s my three year old Lola(Chihuahua) that is pickly I put the food down and turn around and the little fatty Tia is has gobbled hers already and is eating Lola’s. Hence I’m sure the weight gain also. I’ve tried feeding Lola much later but in the end I have to hand feed her or end up throwing away the bowl because kibble is mixed with the canned or freeze dried soaked topper. Then I try again later and she eventually eats it. I just tried topper with kibble of the Core Hearty Wellness canned. She seemed to at least show interest and eventually ate it with some coaxing. . She tends to wait until But I worry its like a stew and too fattening for the chubby one. Like I said my 16 year old is doing wonderful on the fromm/canned topper. Just would like to get the younger two on the same food and then concentrate on Tia giving her a consistent smaller amount for weight loss.

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