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    Daniel K

    Fromm Family Foods is a pet food company based in Mequon, Wisconsin (which happens to be my hometown). One of their foods was called PRAIRIE GOLD. Decent food. Not the best, not the worst. Anyway, they have changed the name of the product, in case anyone wants to know. It is now called HEARTLAND GOLD. I wrote to Fromm and got this message:

    “We have changed the name of Prairie Gold Adult to Heartland Gold Adult. Everything has stayed the same, just the name has changed. Our website showcases the new name “Heartland Gold” and in stores you may find it as “Prairie Gold” for the next few weeks to couple months.
    The recipe (kibble) inside the bag is identical and will have no changes at all. Simply we are restructuring the name to avoid confusion among other brands of pet food.”

    So there you have it. In case anyone wants to know, Prairie Gold is now Heartland Gold. I posted a comment on the Fromm Prairie Gold review here on along with a picture of the bags before and after the name change.

    I wonder if another brand with the word Prairie in the name tried to sue them or something?


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    Judy S

    I tried Fromm my dogs really didn’t like it plus the diarrhea, I did the change very slowly, took the bag back to the feed store and bought, Instincts dry they love it.

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