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    Ann T

    My Maltese, Abigail, started getting sick in June 2014 with her enzymes being dangerously high of 3,200. She was vomiting uncontrollably. She had been on the Fromm kibbles for 3 years, but I had just ordered and received a new bag that she was eating. After many vet visits with days of IV fluids, and a trip out of state to a specialist, I stopped the food and put her on chicken/rice for a week. Her enzymes began to fall. Then a week later, started her gradually back on the Fromm Kibble. Her liver enzymes sky rocked again. Took her off completely, and am homecooking with a diet formulated by a Vet Nutritionist. She is back to normal. Now after reading some comments similar to mine with other’s dogs getting sick while eating Fromm, I am suspicious this food is what made her sick. I plan to have the food tested. Any comments from similar situations would be very much appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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