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    Camilla L

    So I have a 17 year old shih tzu, I have previously tried to make her homemade dog food like boiled chicken and rice. But it would give her diarrhea for days. So I went back to dog food.
    I just had a baby and my dog been feeling a little down and replaced I feel like so I wanted to do something good for her. So I decided to try again with homemade food. This time I made her salmon with a little bit of hard boiled egg. This was the evening two days ago. And she started to have diarrhea again yesterday and it’s still ongoing as I write this. I don’t understand this cause when she eats the things I would try to give her homemade she gets constant gas’s and strings of diarrhea but when I buy the same in Canned dog food she is perfectly fine!! And I don’t give her a lot of the homemade food either I give her dog food all day and then before bed like 3 tbs of the homemade smooshed food. I just straight up boiled the food no spices or nothing else. Just boiled meats. What’s going on here? Is homemade not better then store bought canned food??

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    You could try introducing a small amount of homemade food to each meal to let her get used to it. Boiled meat doesn’t have any fiber like her dog food does. And if her dog food doesn’t have rice, then it’s a new ingredient to her as well. You can also offer some pumpkin puree (not pie filling) as it contains fiber.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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