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    Jessica C


    We got our french bulldog puppy at 5 months old about 3 months ago. I can’t seem to find the right food to get him to have good solid poops. He came to us eating a cheap kibble which I obviously want him to be on a higher quality food. Sometimes it’s formed into logs but soft and other times it’s complete soft serve – please help!! I know this is common with frenchies so I’m not super worried but would like to avoid a prescription diet as the vet suggested. Everything has been a slow transition (not switching all of the food at once to avoid diarrhea) but still no luck. so far we’ve tried the following:
    blue buffalo chicken and rice puppy formula
    pure vita salmon and peas
    merrick lamb and sweet potato
    currently eating taste of the wild puppy formula which is also a salmon

    I’ve mixed in rice, done chicken and rice (Vet told me it’s possible there is a chicken or beef allergy though) and also tried mixing the pumpkin.
    anyone have any suggestions for me? i am open to anything!! thank you!

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    I would go by your veterinarian’s reccomendation, prescription food, at least for a few months or till the dog is stable.

    Regarding prescription food.

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    Also, why are you feeding an 8 month old small breed puppy food?

    Check with your vet, but adult food should be fine

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    Hi Jessica,
    has your pup had his stool tested for Giardia & been on a course of Metronidazole for 21 days?
    I’ve looked up the dry dog foods you have tried & I’ve noticed they were pea heavy…
    Have you tried a kibble that has NO PEAS & less fiber?

    Try the “Natural Balance” LTD Potato & Duck formula, the fiber is 3%, no peas…. see how he does with no peas & LESS fiber? if this doesn’t work, take back & try Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Fish 5% fiber & no peas…

    Here’s all the Natural Balance Limited ingredient formula’s, read ingredient list as they all vary..

    Start keeping a diary, write down all the formula’s you’ve tried, write how his poos were & how many poo’s he is doing a day, also write down the Protein % Fat % Fiber % & Kcals per cup in kibble…
    I would stop adding boiled rice as rice can irritate the bowel, add boiled potato or boiled sweet potato if higher fiber is needed…if the pumkin didn’t really help then higher fiber may not be needed but it might depend what you added with the pumkin??
    Have you tried feeding 1 cooked meat he hasnt eaten before with boiled potatoes for 1 week? NO treats…

    If after trying the Natural Balance formula’s that are pea free & didnt help I would see your vet & try a vet diet, Vet Diets are specially formulated for Intestinal Stress, some vet diets are higher in soluble fiber or high in insoluble fiber & see does vet diet help.
    You might have to try a few vet diets to find the right one then feed for a good 6-9months..
    Then you look for a premium dog food & try again after he’s been doing well for 6-9months.
    My boy ate a vet diet for 9 months so his bowel & stomach could heal, I knew he did well on his Eukanuba Intestinal Low Residue vet diet & when I tried a new dry kibble & it didn’t work, I could go back to the vet diet he did 2 firm poos a day on & work out my next step while he was doing firm poos….
    Have you tried a dog probiotic?
    Try Purina Pro Plan Fortifloria probiotic? while feeding pea fee kibble..

    How was he when he was eating the “Pure Vita Salmon & Peas” formula? this was high fiber 6%, very pea heavy & high in Kcals per cup, try & stay under 370Kcals per cup for kibble, the higher the Kcals the more dense the kibble, so harder to digest..

    Keep me up-dated, what has happened & what you tried.

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    melissa e

    I had this issue with my frenchie female. She had extremely loose stools I tried chicken and rice and was actually the worst for her ironically. After making sure there was no medical cause,(actual food allergy worms parasites all those factors) I had no choice to put her on the vet prescription diet dry food which worked amazing she was on it and thrived no issues i would occasionally try to switch her and it wouldn’t work. after speaking with different vets for another opinion since she was healthy and doing well there was no reason to change it just made her stool loose again she for what ever reason just had a sensitive stomach. So give it time. Ik its not the best food to be on but if it works it works.

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    joanne l

    Hi Jessica, the foods you mentioned that you tried are maybe too rich for him. First Blue Buffalo has a lot of issues. Pure Vita has too much fiber I think, and Merrick is a little rich for some dogs. I know you might not want to feed this, but I think you should try Purina pro plan. Just give it a shot. A lot of dogs do well on it. Just my opinion.

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    Donna B

    Hi there. My Frenchie just turned 2 in July. I too got him when he was 5 months. I transitioned him to Acana Duck & Pear because I had my golden retriever on it as well at the time. He loves it. I’ve recently switched my golden over to raw. My Frenchie gets about a dime size of raw with his dry and he barks at me to hurry up while I’m preparing their bowls. IDK where you live, but perhaps if you have a locally owned specialty pet store in your area, they too could help. I absolutely love my vet, but “food” is not their specialty. All of my food research has come from this site as well as my local store owners. Frenchies can be prone to chicken allergies oddly enough. Perhaps give Hamburg and rice for a few days to give her digestive track a rest. That should help her stools get better. In the mean time decide on which food to go with and then you can begin to transition with the Hamburg and rice mix if/when her stools improve. Just some thoughts… Good luck!

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