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    I would love a category for dog food containing only free-range or game meats.
    Absolutely love this site – thank you so much for all the good work!

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    Hi thegolux,

    I would absolutely love to see pet foods that are made using only humanely raised and slaughtered free-range meats and wild caught/humanely raised game meats.

    There is no reason that one animal (a feed animal) should have to suffer and live it’s life in a cage or pen and be fed a cheap species inappropriate diet just so that another animal (dog or cat) can be fed an approximation of a species appropriate diet.

    I hope that more people begin to demand these options from dog food manufacturers and they will magically begin to appear.

    In the meantime people can make up their own diets for their pet’s using humanely raised and slaughtered feed animals as well as humanely raised/wild caught game meats!

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    I believe, correct me if im wrong, Acana dog food uses free range, antibiotic free, cruelty free meats for their foods. i know the Duck is raised on a duck farm in Aurora, Ontario. Its #1 dog food in Canada. If you call this company they will tell you exactly what farm each of their animals come from, because they are that honest.

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    Susie O

    Yes, having a category that reports on the conditions of the animals used for making dog food would be welcome. it would be great to know in detail exactly how the animals live and die. I WOULD pay for that information.

    I choose chicken not because I want them to suffer more than others, but because I don’t wish to contribute to the growing industrial use of “game” animals. It seems we are a bit naive to think companies can actually make reliable, significant quantities of food without industrializing their production…No one is going out and shooting the duck or bison or deer with a clean shot and putting it in the dog food. I do wonder if truly wild salmon is one option, however. I assume this dog food is made of the left overs like all other dog food? Most (though not all) Alaskan Salmon is one of the last wild foods. So, I could see this being a fairly good choice. I personally do not want to contribute to the industrialization of deer, bison, ducks, etc. What we have done/do to domestic animals is bad enough.

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    A humanely raised category is a great idea. Not only is it better for the animals raised for food, it’s so much better for the dogs. Factory farmed animals do not make for superior nutrition IMO.

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    Zach M

    Are there any brands out there that have meat that is humanely killed? it would be great if there was a good brand like that.

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    julia d

    agreed!!!! i am always very confused by people say they loooove all animals but directly support animal abuse by buying factory farmed meats for themselves and their pets. i started my own dog treat business because i have always had a hard time finding treats in stores from humanely raised meats. i would love a humanely raised category on this website that i could post to my treat facebook page for my clients to refer to.
    anyway… for the people here who obviously actually DO care about the welfare of farm animals as well you can check out my website: https://dolceardesiatreats.com

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    Mike Sagman

    Hi Julia,

    We welcome the casual mention of links to any other legitimate website.

    However, please be sure to respect our Commenting Policy which states:

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    In the future, please limit your promotional activity in these forums.

    Thanks for your cooperation.

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