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    Krista B


    Does anyone here free feed? I’m interested in trying this with my cavalier but I’m afraid she will just gain weight. When she was a puppy she would just pick at her meals but then as she grew up she became a chow hound and will now eat anything. I’m wondering if she became this way because I didn’t leave her food out so she ate a lot because she didn’t know when food would be left out. Just a thought.

    The only problem with this is she can only have 2/3 cup per day. (besides treats) she eats her ration in a slow feeder bowl within five minutes so I’m concerned she would just keep eating until there would be no more food. Is there a way to train her to just eat when she’s hungry? Perhaps if she saw a lot of food in her dish she would only eat a little bit
    at a time.

    Has anyone had any luck with this style of feeding?

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    I feed twice a day, measured amounts with a splash of water added, for best results.
    Not only is it better for health and weight management, but, you will be able to predict when they will have a bowel movement and need to urinate. In between scheduled feedings they should be walked , ideally for at least 20 minutes a couple of times a day. Offered bathroom breaks at least every 4 hours to prevent the development of bladder stones.

    No, you can’t train a dog to eat only when it is hungry, some dogs will eat until they vomit.
    Just my opinion, based on experience and knowledge.
    PS: Consider getting a dome bowl designed to slow down her eating at mealtimes.
    Consult a veterinarian that has examined your dog, if you have specific concerns, or your dog has been diagnosed with a medical condition or is a senior. A veterinarian that knows your dog’s history will be the best person to advise you.
    I stick with one or two kibbles that agree with the dog, as a base, I do use a variety of toppers though.

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    I forgot to mention. Always, have fresh water available (24/7)

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    Susan W

    I used to let mine free feed. When I stopped & started feeding them in specific portions, both my dogs lost weight (they were both a little porky, so it was a good thing). Both of my dogs prefer to inhale their food – as opposed to chewing. To combat this (which leads to gas) you can try feeding you dog with a muffin tin/putting small amounts into each little cup.

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