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    Stefanie K

    My dog is a 10.5 year old male chihuahua-mix, about 12lbs.

    I’m considering adding a supplement to his diet. Our vet briefly mentioned we could add glucosamine to his diet, but I didn’t follow up on it.

    Let me tell you more about my dog: I adopted him and his brother when he was 3. He was pretty fat, but over the years he’s gotten nice and trim. He was very active, we a lot walk every day (but not in winter!), and up until last summer he would come jogging and hiking with me. He always ate kibble, but usually the better quality “holistic”/”grain-free” kind. He was eating Acana the past couple of years. And then, just as I had switched to a “senior” formula, we found a bladder stone 🙁 Since his surgery a few months ago, he’s been on a vet prescription diet (Urinary S/O).

    Though he’s made a great recovery, a couple weeks ago he injured his paw, and while the vet did not find anything serious, he suggested adding glucosamine to his diet. I’m scared of taking him hiking until I can be sure he’s not in any pain.

    Issue number 2 is the shedding. This dog takes shedding to a whole new level. Its not caused by any health problems according to the vet, he just sheds. I’m wondering if omega-3 might help?

    So- I’m looking for any recommendations for a supplement that might combine glucosamine and “joint-stuff” with omega-3 “fur-stuff”. And of course, it has to not interfere with his prescription diet which he needs to continue, so no food changes, just an additive. Does such a thing exist? Or will it have to be two separate products? Or maybe a product that has a lot of good things including glucosamine and omega-3?

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    Sam Koch

    Try Alaska Naturals Salmon Oil with Glucosamine & Chondroitin. Just search on Google. Salmon oil is great for the coat while the Glucosamine helps with the joints.


    I would read the disclaimers at the bottom and also ask your veterinarian if this would be a good choice. It’s 1/2 teaspoon for 10 lbs. We use 1/4 teaspoon for our 4 lb Chihuahuas and it works wonders.

    Hope that helps!


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    They don’t give a price? I saw it at http://www.entirelypets.com/ansalmonoiljoint16oz.html
    but it’s been discontinued by the manufacturer, no explanation.
    Plus, it doesn’t look like there is very much glucosamine in it…compared to the supplements I use.

    I like GNC supplements, they also have some dog items I use.

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    Stefanie K

    Looks like Alaska Naturals Salmon Oil with Glucosamine & Chondroitin has been discontinued, as mentioned. Too bad, would have been what I was looking for!

    I’ve noticed glucosamine products saying things like “consult your vet if history of urinary tract stones”. My vet suggested I add a glucosamine product, but he’s not the vet who dealt with my dog’s bladder stones and surgery (I was living out of province with my dog at the time), so maybe it slipped his mind when he made the suggest. I will call my vet to make sure again that its safe before I give my dog anything.

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    Honestly, he’s probably shedding because of the diet. The RX diets are not nearly the quality of what you were feeding him. You might want to think about switching him back to a well rated wet food. Eating a diet with a lot of moisture is your best friend in combatting bladder stones.
    I have a 10+ yo lab with arthritis for over 5 years due to injury and we walk a couple of miles almost every day. I use human fish oil and glucosamine pills, but with a guy that little you might want to check out doses that would fit his size. The vitamin shoppe has dog specific fish oils. I know some of the people here use nordic naturals. You could use them independently. I use human fish oil & glucosamine in seperate forms. Here’s a site that might help, it’s Dogaware:

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    Andrew B

    Well, your dog is too old and suffering from lots of issues, then I’ll suggest you to add Salmon Oil in your pet’s daily diet that helps you to keep your pet fit and healthy for all seasons. Also it’s recommended by most of the all health and nutrition experts and the best supplement of Glucosamine, omega-3 and fatty acids. Make sure always prefer to use fresh, high-quality salmon oil in your pet food to keep your pet fit and healthy.

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    Carrie P

    Try a supplement thats very effective and also proven. Fido Active Supplement. You must try it.

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