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    Sue B

    I have two Cotons, and recently through bloodwork, we have found their thyroid levels have been fluctuating. My vet doesn’t think it’s a tumor, and it would cost between 800 and $1500 to get a sonogram taken. One specialist said there was some hidden entrails found in one pet’s dog food or treats which caused his thyroid to elevate. Although I think I give my boys the best foods, it would make sense since both of their thyroids have elevated and dropped. One much more than the other. And at times the levels are normal. Therefore, my vet suggested changing dog foods. I currently give them real meat, and plan on changing to Victor’s. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Thank you

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    I don’t know anything about food and thyroid or Real Meat dog food, though I have used the Real Meat dog treats quite a bit and it was fine. I have also fed Victor dog food and I think it’s a very good food. I wouldn’t know which formula to recommend to you, but if you fb or email Philip at Sportdogfood.com he might have some ideas about which formula would best fit your needs.

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    Hi Sue B-
    I’m curious, are your dogs hypo or hyper thyroid?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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